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Why Sprint?

It’s all about impact
Your business is under pressure. The old ways of doing things aren’t good enough. You need to digitalize your business, globalize your perspective and mobilize your teams.


It’s not change for change’s sake. It’s change for better customer experiences, more efficient processes and faster collaboration.

That’s what Sprint Business is all about.

Our solutions make an impact on your business, helping you serve your customers better, more profitably and more securely.

A new kind of Network

Your business is a bandwidth monster
It’s getting bigger, uglier and a whole lot hungrier. And it’s going mobile.

Businesses are seeing a dramatic increase in the type and number of connected devices and an increase in bandwidth and speed required by new applications. Add that all up and mobile bandwidth is expected to grow 12x in the next five years.

Sprint has built the network for business
The Sprint network is a world-class, converged network bringing wireless, wireline, and IoT together making it easier to mobilize and modernize the way you work.

We have tremendous confidence in our network today. In fact, we back it with a 60-day guarantee.


Our converged network integrates our tier-1 global IP terrestrial backbone and our advanced LTE Plus wireless network, making it easier to mobilize and modernize the way you work – and to connect people, places, and things.


We are investing billions in a unique, multi-spectrum architecture providing better performance and greater flexibility than ever before.

No U.S. carrier beats our spectrum holdings and especially the high band 2.5 GHz spectrum that enables the speed and capacity required to support Unlimited today, tomorrow and 5G in the future.

Network Spectrum Comparison


Your business is growing and evolving. The number of people and things you need to connect with is growing exponentially. The future will require networks to support not millions of devices, but hundreds of millions.

Using our 2.5 GHz spectrum assets, we are deploying innovative technologies like Massive MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) which takes advantage of the shorter wavelengths of our high frequency spectrum to minimize the size of the radios and antennas required. This will allow us to ultimately deploy up to 8x the capacity from a single tower.

We also use advanced beamforming technology to focus cellular signals to deliver more capacity and faster speeds to business customers in high-traffic areas.


Your people need to get more done, faster, so speed is important.

Carrier Aggregation technology bonds together bands of spectrum to create wider data super highways enabling more capacity and faster speeds.

Carrier aggregation and the high capacity of our deep 2.5 GHz spectrum assets will allow us to deliver the speeds needed to support 4K video, 360 degree virtual reality and Gb/s services.


We are using big data analytics to plan and manage our network. This ensures we deliver the maximum value out of every dollar we invest. We also offered advanced end-user management portals like Compass for wireline services and Command Center for IoT.

Sprint Compass provides MPLS and DIA customers with a dynamic transparent view of their entire network. View network assets, monitor implementation status, confirm router configurations and more.

Sprint Command Center allows you to control of thousands of IoT devices and solutions, across 200+ countries – all from a single platform.

Secure and resilient

Sprint takes privacy and data security seriously. On our LTE Plus network, each air interface uses registration and authentication, varying levels of encryption and different modulation schemes to protect traffic.

Our global IP terrestrial backbone uses geographic and logical redundancy to make the network resilient, and advanced tunneling and encryption to secure the data between them.

International roaming

Business borders are disappearing — so we’ve cut the cost of communicating when you’re away from home.

With Sprint, you get free data and texts from your LTE or GSM smartphone in over 170+ low-cost service areas — keeping your costs low, and your team in the know.

And it couldn’t be easier. Our global roaming is auto-enabled. You land in a new country — you have service.

Delivering best ever performance on the Sprint LTE Plus Network

RootMetricsThe improvements we’ve made to our LTE Plus network are delivering best-ever performance in cities across the country, setting a company record for highest number of Metro RootScore awards to date.

…and building the foundation for 5G

5G will be much more than just the incremental improvements in speed as we’ve seen with 3G and 4G. The next-generation network will enable a variety of solutions, each with different demands from the network.

  •  Enhanced Mobile Broadband applications (e.g., 4K video, augmented reality and streaming virtual reality) will require ultra‐high Gb/s throughput.
  • Massive IoT applications (e.g., remote telemetry and smart grids) will require high-density, ultra‐scalable connectivity but with lower bandwidth needs.
  •  Critical IoT applications (e.g., autonomous vehicles) will require ultra‐reliable, low‐latency connectivity.

Our industry-leading spectrum holdings and the investments we’re making in network densification, carrier aggregation and Massive MIMO — it’s all getting us ready for 5G and the remarkable changes and opportunities it will bring to your business. Just wait till you see what comes next.

Our solutions

A BYO-ready approach

Bring-Your-Own devices, networks, access, vendors… we’ve got managed services that embrace and extend them all.

Why it works for business

  • Multi-vendor managed mobility, network and security services simplify your life
  • Choose your own tech path – we’ll work around you
  • Choose BYOD or hybrid models – we’re flexible

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An ‘as-a-Service’ model

No company should pay up front for things you may never need. Our as-a-Service model gives you the control.

Why it works for business:

  • Pre-integrated services you pay for per seat, per month
  • Scale up or change course – without the lock-in
  • No up-front costs – means you turn capex into opex
  • Carefree Cloud makes migration smooth

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Bend-Over-Backward™ support

When you choose Sprint Business, you get Sprint Business people – a committed, experienced, talented and just plain nice service force. We’ve got your back.

Why it works for business:

  • A global account team gets to know you
  • A single point of contact simplifies your service experience
  • In-region tech support resolves issue faster
  • Direct2You brings new mobile devices to your offices

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The bottom line

Every innovation we pioneer at Sprint Business is designed to make a big, measurable impact on the things our business customers care most about.

Like delighting your customers.
Or streamlining processes.
Or doing new things in a secure way.

We realize there are other forces having an impact on your business, too. For all of us, the winds of change are blowing, driven by digitalization, globalization and new ways of working. Keeping up with change will be critical to survive. To flourish, you’ll need to embrace it.

We’re here to help you when you’re ready. Take the next big step with Sprint.

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