The 5G future starts now

Our new 5G network is live in select parts of Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Chicago, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and New York.

5G devices and mobile plans

The Ultimate 5G ExplainerThe Ultimate 5G ExplainerThe Ultimate 5G Explainer

5G Speed5G Speed5G Speed

It’s not just about faster download data speeds. It’s about faster business.

With our new network, you’ll get faster download speeds and higher capacity than before. We’ll also aim to give you a more consistent and reliable 5G connection — and more initial square miles of 5G coverage — than any other mobile service provider. All of this helps your business move faster than before in covered areas.

When your business can move faster than before, it can respond to changes sooner, compete better, solve bigger problems, and save time and money on the work you do every day.

When will you be ready to leverage 5G?

We’ve built the initial network, but what about the apps and devices that will thrive on it? It’s up to forward-thinking businesses to build them. And they can’t do it overnight.

But companies with the courage, drive and vision to dig in and get started now — these are the companies who’ll get in on a whole new era of innovation-fueled growth.

5G Density5G Density5G Density

5G Coverage5G Coverage5G Coverage

As the full potential of 5G unfolds, your business can be one that takes the lead.

If it’s brave enough to put 5G in the hands of your mobile workforce and watch what they can do with it.

Ambitious enough to set IoT devices loose on a 5G network and capture the immediate insights that come flooding in.

Visionary enough to open up your people’s imaginations to all the possibilities 5G will enable:

  • for new business models and revenue streams…
  • for faster, better, more efficient ways of working…
  • for a thousand undreamed-of ways to delight your customers.

Let our experience guide yours.

To make it all real, what you need is a deeply connected provider who can help you map the path forward. Our 5G/IoT ecosystem is ready to work with businesses like yours to take advantage of the new technologies to innovate and grow.

Start building your 5G future.

Let’s connect

5G Spectrum5G Spectrum5G Spectrum

Where to find 5G?

We’re rolling out our 5G mobile network starting with these cities.

See coverage map

5G Coverage Map5G Coverage Map5G Coverage Map

Now covering parts of:

Kansas City






Los Angeles

New York

Washington, D.C.

5G devices

You can take advantage of our new 5G network today on these devices in covered areas.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G


HTC 5G Hub

Bring 5G speed to your office.

LG V50 ThinQ smartphone

Our first 5G-capable phone.

OnePlus 7 Pro 5G

Blazing fast download speeds with incredible reliability.

5G mobile plans

We offer several plans to choose from, so you can pick the one that’s right for your business.

Unlimited plans

Discover how Unlimited 5G can transform your business.

Business Share Plus plan

A flexible way to share 5G data among employees.

The Ultimate 5G Explainer

Want to know all about the tech that’s making 5G possible — and the innovations that will come with it?

Explore our interactive explainer featuring illuminating graphics, animated demos, lively videos, a Use Case Library and more.

Let’s go

The 5G Experience TourThe 5G Experience TourThe 5G Experience Tour

Tour the 5G future in person.

Sprint 5G Experience is an immersive walk-through venue located in our Executive Briefing Center in Overland Park, Kansas. Explore interactive demos using augmented reality, virtual reality and simulations to see firsthand how 5G will:

  • Power smart cities and make cities safer
  • Connect billions of things through IoT
  • Change the way people live, work and play

Schedule a private tour for your organization to better understand the fascinating changes and opportunities 5G will bring.

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