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Rates, Terms & Conditions




Sprint welcomes you to the Rates, Terms & Conditions section of this Web site, which is here to guide you to the standard and product-specific terms and conditions that apply to Sprint wireless and wireline, products and services.


Organization of Content

The navigation to the left of this page’s content will link you to the following types of terms and conditions:



Schedules refers to the Sprint Schedules that replaced terms, conditions and pricing for scheduled services formerly contained in tariffs on file with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) before August 1, 2001. Sprint Schedules  for interstate domestic and international voice and data long distance services expired when Customers were either disconnected or migrated to non-regulated DIA, SIP, MPLS etc (June 2017-2018)


Product-specific Terms

Product-specific Terms links to terms and conditions that apply to unregulated products and services not covered by the Sprint Schedules or Tariffs. You can also find Sprint standard service level agreements on this page.


Tariffs and Other Terms

Regulated Sprint competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) services covered by Sprint tariffs on record with the FCC or state regulatory authorities may be found at


Standard Terms

The Standard Terms and Conditions for Communications Services are the general provisions that apply to all Sprint wireless and wireline business communications products and services, except as superseded by an individually-negotiated customer agreement.

For additional information on the surcharges, taxes, fees and other charges collected by Sprint based on the type of wireless services you have and your geographical location, please see For additional Sprint business wireline information, see Sprint Wireline Additional Business Charges, Fees, Surcharges and Taxes.

Businesses that resell Sprint Internet Services are subject to the Sprint Software-Defined Wide Area Network Product Annex.

Sprint’s local and competitive local exchange company state and federal tariffs, as applicable, will supersede these Standard Terms for sales of tariffed services, to the extent required by law. Sprint Tariffs are found at

* Please note that Reseller Terms & Conditions are supplemental to the Sprint Standard Terms & Conditions.

Product-Specific Terms

In accordance with Section 42.10 of the Federal Communications Commission’s Rules and Regulations, 47 C.F.R. Section 42.10, and its orders concerning detariffing, Sprint is making information about the rates, terms, and conditions of service applicable to certain business services available on this Web site.

Please note that product descriptions, terms, conditions and rates for interstate long distance services regulated by the FCC, such as voice, data, private line, conferencing, toll-free services, switched data service and access, expired June 2017-2018 when services were discontinued or migrated to non-regulated MPLS, DIA, SIP services. Product terms, conditions and rates for intrastate local exchange services and other services regulated by the FCC or state public utility commissions may be found in the applicable FCC or state tariffs at


Equipment and Software


Government and Education


In-Building Solutions


International Services


IP Services

Internet Access Product-specific Terms


ISP Services Product-specific Terms




Sprint Productivity Marketplace Terms of Service


Managed, Professional and Other Value-added Services



Service Level Agreements

When transporting data that is mission critical to your E-business, you need a network you can depend on. The SprintLink™ backbone was built from the ground up as a 100% native IP platform with reliability as the number one priority, so you can rest assured your data will arrive quickly and reliably.

Sprint Telecom India Private Limited

Standard Terms and Conditions for MPLS services in India.