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Workforce Manager Get smart—know your workforce better.

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The more you know, the smarter your workforce becomes. Get the insight you need with Workforce Management from Sprint.

For your organization to succeed, you need to know when work starts, when it stops and exactly what it’s costing.

Workforce Manager Solutions from Sprint features ClickSoftware, StreetSmart and Actsoft Comet. It empowers your supervisors to optimize their operations and reduce overtime costs.

Once you know exactly when your mobile workers start and end their shifts, where they are, and what they’re doing, you’re in a much better position to boost productivity. It’s why businesses using Workforce Manager can complete about one additional job per day per technician.

Workforce Manager gives you what you need to:

  • Know more, by collecting more accurate and tamper-proof timecards
  • Start billing as soon as a job is completed with real-time job data
  • Optimize operations to minimize unnecessary overtime


  • Electronic recording of daily work and hours
  • Direct-to-device assignment dispatch
  • Analysis tools for routes and stopping times

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