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Workforce Management Helping businesses manage, locate and deploy employees more efficiently.

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Streamline management of your mobile workers with real-time visibility of their location and job status.

Sprint’s Workforce Management solutions help simplify your life by providing you with the tools to more easily manage, locate and deploy your mobile workers from one, easy-to-use dashboard. Key benefits include the ability to:

  • Deploy resources more efficiently
  • Gain real-time visibility into workforce location and job status
  • Quickly dispatch the closest employee to a job
  • Increase efficiencies by letting workers do more where they are

And for complete workforce management flexibility based on your business needs, Sprint provides you with three different solutions from leading providers. Solutions include Actsoft, StreetSmart and Workforce Locator.

Workforce Management is an incredibly efficient way to collect the information you need, while reducing the effort and streamlining processes. Actsoft and Streetsmart offer an app-based solution that works on any carrier and offer Workforce Management and forms. Workforce Locator is network based for Sprint phones and offers only Workforce Management.

Features vary by solution and can offer the following

  • Monitor and track employee location real time
  • Schedule and dispatch employees
  • Document visits and job status
  • Timekeeping system
  • Group set-up and messaging
  • Centralized management portal for PC or Tablet
  • Easy-to-use, carrier agnostic mobile app for iOS or Android


Actsoft helps you make the most of your business with tools to make smarter dispatching decisions, monitor drivers for fuel-burning and safety behavior, and reducing paper. Features include:

  • Mobile forms
  • Workforce management (tracking, dispatch, timekeeping)
  • Admin text messaging to workers and groups
  • Vault secure data platform
  • Pre-built EVV forms and plans
  • Integrates with Geotab fleet solution for workforce and fleet management in a single portal
  • Works on most mobile devices, regardless of carrier


StreetSmart lets companies quickly implement solutions for their mobile workforce to streamline and increase the visibility of their field operations. This turnkey solution offers:

  • Mobile forms
  • Workforce management (tracking, dispatch, timekeeping)
  • Admin text messaging to workers and groups
  • Pre-built EVV forms
  • Works on most mobile devices, regardless of carrier

Workforce Locator

Sprint Workforce Locator lets you find, contact and direct your field workers. The better your view of your mobile workforce, the better your ability to serve your customers. This web-based tool:

  • Provides workforce location and tracking
  • Uses Sprint network-based GPS (no app to download)
  • Enables admin text messaging to workers
  • Works with Sprint phones only

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