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Wireless Priority Service

Some calls simply can't wait. Keep people connected in an emergency with Wireless Priority Service

Networks can get congested during a crisis. So you need to know that the important voice calls will always get through.

Sprint is an authorized provider of Wireless Priority Service (WPS) – created by the Department of Homeland Security to give critical voice calls a higher connection priority.

By dialing a number using a *272 prefix, the call will be directed to the next available channel – without affecting ongoing calls or the general public’s use of regular networks.

Contact the Department of Homeland Security to see if you qualify for WPS: Fed – Non-fed – Then get in touch with Sprint to:

  • Get priority access for the calls that make a difference in an emergency
  • Access WPS free of charge, with no fees and no minutes deducted from your plan
  • Depend on the speed and reliability of the Sprint network to keep you connected during a crisis
  • Reach thousands of people in seconds by adding Sprint Enterprise Messaging Gateway—without the fee on Sprint devices

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  • WPS free of charge
  • Powerful messaging tools available
  • 60-day Network Satisfaction Guarantee

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