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Vehicle and Fleet Management Fleet tracking and management solutions

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Get a bird’s-eye view of your fleet so you can improve driver safety, optimize routes, boost efficiency, reduce costs, and run your vehicles efficiently — no matter how big your operation gets.

You need to keep watch over your vehicles.

Your business depends on an efficient, high-performing fleet of vehicles. But you can’t manage what you can’t track, and you can’t optimize what you can’t see. But you also can’t be everywhere at once.

Let our vehicle tracking solutions be your eyes and ears.

Our vehicle and fleet management solutions are systems that combine a plug-and-play or wired telematics device with fleet management software to give you greater visibility to your vehicle locations and status. They use GPS fleet telematics, cameras, sensors and other technologies to provide a wealth of intel about your fleet in near-real time.

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  • GPS-enabled telematics device
  • Fleet tracking software
  • Ability to monitor on PC, tablet or smartphone (iOS or Android)
  • Regulatory compliance reporting
  • ELD and DVIR support for real-time reports

Why Sprint Business for vehicle and fleet solutions

Every business is different, and no two fleets are the same. What works for a field service fleet may not be right for a shipping operation. So when you come to us for a vehicle and fleet management solution, you get access to a large, diverse portfolio of fleet management systems. You also benefit from professionals who will understand your needs and who have the expertise to help you choose the right solution for your situation.

Our broad range of solutions can help you:

  • Easily access information including telematics data with a user-friendly, web-based interface
  • Get near-real-time vehicle tracking and location information
  • Get notifications and alerts when vehicles enter or exit a specified zone, through geofencing
  • See which drivers need coaching, with driver behavior reports and alerts
  • Detect distracted driving and automatically provide in-cab coaching using an AI solution
  • Improve your bottom line via reduced fuel costs by monitoring idle time and stops
  • Improve customer service by optimizing routes to improve response times
  • Comply with Hours of Service (HOS)/Electronic Logging Device (ELD) regulations

Vehicle and Fleet ManagementVehicle and Fleet ManagementVehicle and Fleet Management

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Optimize utilization

  • GPS tracking — Leverage near-real-time GPS fleet management data to identify vehicle locations (historical, current, and planned arrival and departures) and optimize overall fleet utilization.
  • Planning — Optimize routes, schedules and assignments using hours of service availability, location data and intelligent vehicle/driver assignment.
  • Monitoring — Pinpoint vehicle location with geofencing for fast deployment and to guard against unauthorized use. Breadcrumb trails assist with historical analysis.

Boost efficiency

  • Diagnostics — Reduce costs with near-real-time diagnostics that notify you when vehicles are experiencing performance issues or need maintenance.
  • Driver performance — Identify costly driving habits such as fast acceleration, hard braking, speeding and excessive idling.
  • Reports and tools — Effectively assess and manage fleet productivity and efficiency with customizable reports, analytical tools, and near real-time alerts.

Improve safety and compliance

  • Regulatory — Help improve regulatory compliance with FMCSA-registered GPS fleet tracking and support for ELD and DVIR.
  • Reporting — Monitor compliance, reduce fines, help prevent unauthorized use, save time, and increase safety with automated and on-demand reports.
  • Safety and security — Help improve the safety of your drivers and the security of your vehicles.
  • Driver satisfaction — Enhance driver satisfaction, quality of life and retention.

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