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Help maintain visibility to the status of your property, assets and inventory with a wireless sensor monitoring solution.

You can’t monitor everything manually.

Your assets could be in jeopardy if you’re not monitoring them properly. Possible risks include property loss or damage and unanticipated expenses that are hard to recover from. And the costs to your business relationships and reputation could be devastating. But manually monitoring everything 24/7 isn’t efficient — or even feasible.

Automation and Control solutions can help.

Our Automation and Control solutions help you keep an eye on your property and assets — so you can intervene as soon as problems arise — using wireless sensors designed to monitor the status of mission-critical equipment in near real-time from virtually anywhere. Solutions include the sensors, a wireless 4G router or gateway, and an online portal with a simple-to-use interface that’s accessible from virtually any web-enabled device.


  • Simple-to-use interface
  • Accessible from virtually any web-enabled device
  • Text notifications
  • Android and iOS-capable

Our IoT turnkey solutions enhance operational productivity, assist in preventing equipment failure, limit disruptive downtime, and enable managers to plan efficient and cost-effective maintenance.Solutions can be customized to monitor a variety of environmental factors for a broad range of industries.

  • Food service solutions can monitor the temperatures of food coolers, freezers and ovens, as well as the ambient room temperature and door open/closed state.
  • With a property management solution, you can detect the presence of water and keep tabs on property, pipe and boiler temperatures, and whether power is on or doors are open.
  • In a data center, track rack temperature, humidity and power usage, and detect water in time to prevent damage.

IoT Automation and ControlIoT Automation and ControlIoT Automation and Control

Simple to use

Keep track of equipment health through an easy-to-use interface. Simple technology configuration and portal design provides around-the-clock access to connected devices, letting you remotely manage and configure your deployed sensors from any internet-enabled mobile device.

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Increased efficiency

  • Operational efficiency — Help ensure equipment runs at optimal efficiency with near-real-time monitoring, analyzing sensor activity and key metrics (e.g., motor run-time, on/off cycles and energy consumption)
  • Limited disruption — Minimize business disruptions by identifying equipment in need of repair and reducing unanticipated replacement of high-valued equipment
  • Cost savings — Save money through more efficient monitoring of critical equipment, such as power consumption through voltage meters

Preventive maintenance

  • Proactive monitoring — Quickly identify potential issues, isolate problems, and initiate repairs that save on costs and prolong the life of valuable assets
  • Reports — Get real-time, quantitative data and reports that arm you with actionable information to optimize equipment performance through proactive maintenance

Threat mitigation

  • Threat detection — Mitigate myriad potential threats such as unexpected water intrusion, ambient temperature fluctuation, blown fuses, high humidity levels and power loss
  • Security — Be alerted to intrusions related to unauthorized property access through motion detection, asset activity detection, and unauthorized door entry or closure

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