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Sprint® Smart UC

Sprint® Smart UC brings together your business phone system and productivity/collaboration apps all under one umbrella, a single cloud app, that saves you money and makes it easier for your people to work their own way and get more done.

You have a phone system. You likely have an instant messaging app, file sharing, video conferencing, and collaboration tools. And chances are you pay various vendors for all of this, with some of it paid from your operating expense budget, and your capital budget footing the bill for equipment and software – that will quickly become outdated.  (See the hidden costs.)

What if you could bring it all together under one umbrella, a single service with telephony that does exactly what you need it to (check out our guide), IM, file transfer, and high-def voice and video conferencing — all from the cloud, all updated automatically, all accessible from desktop, laptop and mobile devices from one central hub that also integrates seamlessly with third-party apps like Salesforce and Microsoft Office 365?

And what if you could pay for it all from your operating budget on one simple per-seat, per month bill — that actually saves you money? With no upfront CapEx investment.

A study shows small businesses that adopted the cloud actually doubled their profits, while at the same time seeing 25 percent additional revenue growth.1

That’s Sprint® Smart UC. It’s an affordable full-featured unified communications solution that makes it easier for your people to work their own way and get more done, by uniting your business phones and collaboration apps in one hub, easily administered from an online portal.


Maybe you don’t need it all — that’s okay, because Smart UC is available in flexible tiers, so just get what you need today. You can always add what you need tomorrow. And it’s super easy to scale. Just add seats as you hire new people.

And the hub we mentioned? It’s smart. Really smart. It uses contextual intelligence, which means when a call or message comes in, users see the most recent content (messages, documents, social posts) associated with the person calling. So all their relevant “stuff” is right there in front of them, automatically.

And because Smart UC is in the cloud, you always have the latest software. There’s no hardware or HVAC needed, and no capital outlay. It’s intrinsically multi-site and mobile, with optimal security.

Want to know more? Check out our eBook.

1Tech Republic


  • Messaging & Presence
  • Collaboration
  • File exchange
  • Desktop sharing
  • Anywhere/any device
  • HD voice & video
  • Integrated applications
  • Check out our eBook for more details

With Smart UC:

  • You are always reachable
  • Your staff is more productive
  • You can use your own mobile devices and plans
  • It integrates with your business applications
  • No need for additional hardware, IT or HVAC
  • Collaborate and communicate anywhere you are
  • Desktop sharing, chat, video, email integration are available in one solution
  • One solution to manage every location

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