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Sprint Secure Wi-Fi Automatic Wi-Fi encryption

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Safeguard your users’ Wi-Fi network connections simply, wherever they are, with the one of the easiest, most affordable ways to make wireless connectivity secure.

Wireless networks are convenient, but risky

Without even thinking about it, your people use their phones and tablets over unsecured Wi-Fi networks all over the place, from coffee shops and restaurants, to guest networks at customer or vendor sites. It’s an everyday behavior that exposes the data on their wireless devices — including any company data — to security issues and serious risk from hackers on the same Wi-Fi network.

Reduce the risk without sacrificing the convenience

Sprint Secure Wi-Fi is a “smart VPN” app that protects users connected to unprotected Wi-Fi from their mobile device — simply and conveniently — protecting your network from cyberattacks over Wi-Fi. It automatically turns on when it detects an unsecure Wi-Fi connection, and it turns off when it disconnects from the Wi-Fi.

Sprint Secure Wi-Fi works on any Sprint-subscribed Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. A seamless public Wi-Fi security solution, it’s one of the easiest wireless security measures you can take. Users can “set it and forget it” and use public Wi-Fi with confidence.

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  • Automatic Wi-Fi detection
  • Automatic secure data encryption
  • Automatic on and off as needed
  • Set-and-forget simplicity
  • Affordable monthly price per user

Automatic encryption

Sprint Secure Wi-Fi is the only application-based public Wi-Fi security solution to offer automatic detection of a Wi-Fi network and “Smart VPN” automatic on and off.

When on, Sprint Secure Wi-Fi encrypts the data transmitted between the device and the internet over the wireless access point, keeping the session and data secure.

Just because a wireless connection is protected with a password, that doesn’t mean it’s a secure connection. So Sprint Secure Wi-Fi users can opt to encrypt data over password-protected Wi-Fi, too.

Secure WiFiSecure WiFiSecure WiFi

Unbeatable affordability

Many business Unlimited plans already have Sprint Secure Wi-Fi included. On other plans, it can be added for just $1.99 per month per user.

How Secure Wi-Fi protects your users’ Wi-Fi sessions

  • Automatically detects unsecured Wi-Fi
  • Automatically turns on and off as needed
  • Encrypts data between the device and the internet
  • Can protect password-protected Wi-Fi too
  • Simplifies Wi-Fi network security
  • Works on Android or iOS

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