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Sprint Secure Web Protect your business and your users no matter where or how they access the internet.

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Sprint Secure Web, our cloud-based “as-a-service” security solution, offers protection for your business and your users no matter where or how they access the internet.

You need a secure network. Problem is, you have users exposed to threats by accessing the internet and cloud-based apps directly from wherever, however. It’s like the Wild West out there.

But the internet doesn’t have to be a lawless frontier. There’s a new sheriff in town: Sprint Secure Web. It’s a cloud-based security solution that protects your company and your people no matter where or how they access the internet. It checks all traffic as it’s going to and coming from the internet for fast threat detection and response — and a fast, secure user experience. And because we sell it “as-a-service,” you only pay for the seats you need, and easily expand as you scale.

Ideal for remote users and branch offices

Sprint Secure Web is especially ideal for companies with mobile users, users in multiple locations, and branch offices. Instead of placing security stacks at each company location like a premise-based security solution, Sprint Secure Web places the security stack at the cloud to instantly check traffic as it moves in and out of the internet — keeping the good, blocking the bad. So it offers a streamlined, centralized security model with minimal cost and complexity for multiple sites and diverse user locations.

With Sprint Secure Web, you can:

  • Save money by getting the latest threat detection capabilities without costly hardware and maintenance.
  • Simplify policy administration, management and reporting with a centralized portal.
  • Provide a faster user experience by avoiding the latency of backhauling to corporate security stacks.
  • Streamline the security model and get faster threat detection and response by instantly checking traffic at the cloud and propagating alerts everywhere when a threat is detected anywhere.
  • Gain peace of mind and free up your IT resources by relying on Sprint’s 15+ years of expertise in managing network security, instead of managing the hardware yourself.


  • Industry-leading cloud-based security platform
  • In-depth protection for internet and application access
  • Protection for users regardless of location or device
  • Checks all internet traffic as it moves in and out of the cloud
  • Keeps the good traffic, blocks the threat
  • Immediately sends alerts everywhere when a threat is detected anywhere
  • As-a-Service pricing
  • Centralized management portal

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