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Business phone numbers on employees’ personal phones

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BYOD (bring your own device) used to mean employees would conduct company business on their personal phone lines — putting customer relationships at risk. Today, MultiLine helps ensure business happens over business phone numbers.

Business is happening on personal phones

More than likely, you have employees conducting company business on their personal phones.

The phone number a customer uses to call your business is important. There’s a relationship attached to it. If that phone number is an employee’s personal line instead of a business phone line, then you give up some control over the customer relationship.

For example, what happens to a customer relationship if the employee whose personal phone they’ve been calling leaves your company? The next time the customer calls, they’ll reach your ex-employee — possibly now working for a competitor — instead of your business.

Keep business on business phone lines

Sprint MultiLine solves that problem. MultiLine is a business phone service app that allows you to keep business and personal separate, by letting you easily deploy and control a second phone line — with a dedicated business phone number — on an employee’s own personal iOS or Android phone, as illustrated in our SlideShare.

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  • Full featured, carrier–grade voice and text
  • iOS and Android
  • Carrier agnostic
  • Call and text recording
  • Simple management portal
  • Seamless EMM integration
  • Mobile analytics
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Check out our MultiLine webinar, One Phone, Two Lines: an award-winning solution to a common problem

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The only second phone number solution that works with any provider

There are a few different ways to add a second phone line to a smartphone. But there’s only one way that works no matter which mobile service provider the user has — and that’s MultiLine.

In fact, you’ll see in our eBook that one of the reasons MultiLine works so well as a true workforce mobile technology solution is that it’s a carrier agnostic business phone service. And it even works on prepaid phones. So you don’t have to worry about managing all those different phones on different carriers. You just need MultiLine — the best app for a second phone number on an employee’s personal phone.

91% of enterprise IT decision makers say their companies support BYOD programs.

IDC’s Enterprise Mobility Update from June, 2017

Make a BYOD policy work for your business

  • Accommodate popular demand for a bring-your-own-device policy
  • Avoid sacrificing control over business conducted on the phone — see our 5-minute primer for details
  • Boost employee satisfaction by allowing people to use the phone they want, from the carrier they choose
  • Free your people from having to carry two phones; instead, let them have two phone numbers on one phone

Simplify mobile device management

  • Manage all your business phone lines through a simple portal
  • Seamlessly integrate with your EMM
  • Get visibility to usage data and analytics
  • See our solution brief for more details

Retain customer relationships with dedicated business phone lines

  • Keep the business number, keep the business
  • Easily reassign a business phone number when an employee leaves

Make regulatory compliance on your business phone lines easier

  • Enable call recording and text logging on business phone lines
  • Support compliance with industry regulations like Dodd-Frank

Save money

  • Save on company mobile phone purchases, services and support
  • Optimize employee BYOD stipends with detailed mobile business usage analytics

Support your global business

  • Equip business travellers or overseas employees with MultiLine — works globally on any carrier’s TDM or VOIP

  • Enable overseas calls with international direct dial

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