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Sprint MultiLine: Control and compliance without the (device) cost

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One device. Two lines. Simplify employee mobile deployment, security, support and regulatory compliance with Sprint MultiLine.

There are many advantages to letting your people use their own mobile devices for work, like saving your business money and eliminating procurement headaches. But it can also complicate your job. How do you support and secure all those different device models running on different provider networks?

Sprint MultiLine solves that problem by letting you easily deploy, secure and manage dedicated business numbers on your employees’ own personal mobile phones and letting you control it all through a simple management portal, as shown in our 5-minute primer. Regulatory compliance becomes easier with the ability to record calls and log text messages. And MultiLine is carrier-agnostic, so it works regardless of the service provider the employee uses.

91% of enterprise IT decision makers say their companies support BYOD programs.

With MultiLine, you can spend less time and resources on buying and supporting all those phones, so you can spend more time working on strategic projects that move your business forward.

  • Enable business numbers with voice calls, texting, voicemail, call recording and more.
  • Save on company device purchases, services and support.
  • Optimize employee BYOD stipends with detailed mobile business usage analytics.
  • Support compliance with industry regulations, like Dodd-Frank, by enabling call and text recording.
  • Keep the number, keep the business. Easily reassign a work number when an employee leaves.
  • Boost employee satisfaction by allowing people to use the device they want, from the carrier they want.
  • Check out our ebook for more details.

Need to know more? Check out our 5-minute primer.

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  • Full featured business phone app
  • Voice and text
  • Call and text recording
  • Secure, private texting with opt-in and redaction
  • Integrates with leading archival platforms
  • Easy-to-use management portal tool
  • Provides data and reports on company usage
  • Works on almost any employee smartphone (iOS and Android) regardless of carrier

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