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Sprint Global Roaming Calling from one international location to another international location

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Sprint Global Roaming offers the greatest ease and best value in international roaming, and it’s included in every plan, automatically.

Business crosses borders. Your phone service should, too.

With the world connected like never before, business is leapfrogging international borders all across the globe, every day. So working in another country shouldn’t make it harder to use your phone. Why should you have to make arrangements in advance or decipher cryptic roaming agreements just because you’re crossing a border?

You should be able to grab your passport and your smartphone and just go wherever business takes you.

Sprint Global Roaming makes it easy.

Sprint Global Roaming is a service that’s included with all Sprint phone plans. In more than 200 featured destinations, it gives you free texts and free basic data, with an easy and affordable high-speed data option. You also get a flat rate per minute on voice calls.

And Sprint Global Roaming is simple to use. Just power up your phone when you land, and presto. You’re already connected. Check out this video to see how easy it is.

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  • More than 200 featured destinations
  • Free texting
  • Free basic data
  • High-speed data from $5/day or $25/week
  • 25¢/minute voice phone calls
  • Auto-enabled with all plans

The world’s best value

Our featured service area includes more than 200 destinations. Includes FREE SMS text and basic, so you never have to worry that you will overpay.

High-speed data is available on the fly — directly from your smartphone — with just a few simple clicks, starting at just $5/day or $25/week. There are no overage charges, ever, because data usage is managed by time, not consumption. You never have to wonder how many megabytes you’re using.

Travelers in Mexico and Canada enjoy high-speed data with 4G LTE, calls and texts for no additional charge.

And with flat rate global voice, call from any featured destination to anywhere in the world for only 25¢/minute. There are no surprise toll charges for international calls.

Our global roaming value is amzaing. Period.

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Zero hassle

There’s no need to do any planning or make advance arrangements to use Sprint Global Roaming. Once you get to your destination, simply turn on your phone and you’ll see a welcome screen. At this point, your Sprint international roaming is activated. No account log-in to remember, no app to launch, no call to make to customer service, no purchase transaction, no fussing with the SIM card in your mobile device.

Expansive footprint

  • Vast coverage area includes more than 200 featured international destinations
  • Nearly 85 percent of worldwide destinations are included in featured service area
  • Service is enabled in additional destinations, with roaming service and rate details clearly displayed in welcome message on arrival

Sprint International RoamingSprint International RoamingSprint International Roaming

Easy roaming

  • International roaming auto-enabled; engages as soon as you turn on smartphone
  • Free text and free basic data
  • 25¢/minute global voice calls
  • Seamless, consistent roaming experience across 200+ featured destinations

Affordable data

  • Basic data provided for no additional charge in more than 200 featured destinations
  • High-speed data including 4G LTE data starting at $5/day or $25/week
  • Beyond featured service area, data access requires traveler opt-in to protect against unintended data usage charges

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