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CuriosityTM Smart Video Analytics Automated video analytics

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Curiosity™ Smart Video Analytics is a highly adaptable and intelligent video analytics solution that integrates data, video sources and existing video assets, applying advanced analytics techniques to make your business and facilities safer and smarter.

Humans can’t analyze all your video content.

You and your people can’t make good decisions or respond appropriately to a situation without having complete information about it. But you can’t possibly analyze all the data coming from all your video sources, in real time. Nobody can.

Curiosity Smart Video Analytics can.

There’s a new way to automate video analysis and critical functions like intrusion detection, license plate matching and people counting.

Using artificial intelligence, Curiosity™ Smart Video Analytics is a versatile IoT solution that integrates data from multiple video sources into a single dashboard view. It delivers automated alerts and advanced video analytics technology so you can make smarter decisions, respond faster to potential emergencies, and improve efficiency while keeping people and property safe.

Easy-to-configure rules and alerts let you customize your video view and optimize the information flow.

Solution, connectivity and more from a single provider.

We provide an intelligent video analytics solution that includes both your solution and your connectivity in one integrated offering. There’s no longer any need to buy the product and the connectivity separately. In fact, we provide your hardware, connectivity, video analytics software, services, equipment maintenance and support.

Video Analytics-as-a-Service.

We’re also the first major carrier to offer this type of solution as a service, for a monthly recurring cost that eliminates the need to justify an up-front capital expense. So you get everything you need for a predictable monthly fee that’s easy on your budget.


  • Proactive video security
  • Efficient traffic and parking
  • Improved operations and customer experience
  • Holistic, 360-degree view of the environment
  • Integration of data from multiple sources
  • Integration with your existing infrastructure

Make smarter decisions.

  • Make your business and facilities safer and smarter by applying advanced analytics using AI.
  • Integrate data, video sources and existing video assets.
  • Turn reactive recorded video footage into an intelligent security alert platform that delivers real-time processing, improved camera connectivity, greater accuracy, better insights, and advanced analytics with large data sets.
  • Proactively detect perimeter intrusions, secure critical infrastructure equipment, and identify and respond quickly to large-scale threats.
  • Improve traffic and parking efficiency with more proactive responses, improved traffic planning and flow, fast stolen vehicle identification, reduced revenue leakage at unattended parking lots, and maximized parking space utilization.
  • Optimize operations using advanced techniques including a people counter, an activity visualizer and a queue detector.


98 percent of video footage is not seen by anyone.1

Get a holistic view.

  • Collect data from multiple sources including fixed cameras, body-worn cameras, UAV cameras and LIDARs.
  • Integrate disparate data to improve holistic insights and resource productivity across systems.
  • Get an integrated, end-to-end solution with product, connectivity, services and support all bundled into a single solution with one monthly bill.
  • Better understand operations and reach business and operational objectives through data-driven innovation.
  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure.

Automate for ease.

  • Easily create rule-based alerts, deeper insights and automated actions with a configurable and intuitive GUI.
  • Improve operational efficiency by delivering visibility through insights and alerts.
  • Use video input to improve safety, streamline operations and improve the customer experience.
  • Easily configure rules for specific camera-triggered events, server-unreachable events, periodic or time events, and single-person or counting events.
  • Solve high-availability, redundancy, scalability and cost issues with a secure and open platform.
  • Improve and expedite investigations and adjudication with digital evidence management.

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