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Smart Buildings and Cities Citywide connections

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Is your city fragmented and siloed? Talk to us about Smart Cities solutions that can help put your city on the path to integration and connectivity.

Cities that aren’t connected may be left behind.

When a city isn’t connected — when departments are siloed or information flows are disrupted — it has a negative effect on the city’s ability to function, sustain itself, and grow liveable communities for its citizens to call home.

Smart Cities solutions can help connect your city.

A connected city is a smart city. Our Smart Cities solutions help connect your city to improve its workability, sustainability and liveability. Solutions can work across departments, enabling the integration of information across functional areas; for example, between public safety and public works.


  • Next-generation network
  • Agile approach
  • Expert consultants
  • Proven IoT expertise
  • IoT platform

IoT Smart CitiesIoT Smart CitiesIoT Smart Cities

What problems do you need to solve?

From helping reduce lighting and heating costs with smart buildings, to helping improve traffic flow with sensors in traffic lights, our solutions solve problems and improve outcomes.

Our solutions can help:

  • Make businesses, facilities, campuses and cities safer and smarter by applying advanced analytics techniques
  • Organizations, cities and those in charge of public spaces make smarter decisions with data-driven insights
  • Enable quick, reliable continuity of operations and services
  • Improve disaster response
  • Grow the local economy
  • Attract new businesses and create quality jobs
  • Offer affordable housing through green initiatives
  • Improve community resilience to adverse events

How we’re using connected technologies

We’re using leading-edge IoT technology to transform our cities right now, through Smart Communities programs. All using advanced connectivity solutions over our next-generation network.

  • Sensor technology is used to report traffic light outages, traffic patterns, water main breaks, chemical and gas leaks, and more.
  • Utility issues can be automatically reported and repair crews dispatched to speed repairs and immediately take care of problems that once might have gone unnoticed until reported by citizens.
  • Traffic signal pre-emption assists law enforcement in getting to the scene of an emergency faster.
  • Surveillance technology helps keep citizens and communities safe, resolve liability, and increase compliance.
  • Cities can use sensor technology to track and analyze foot, bicycle and vehicle traffic patterns to determine which parks, bike trails or roads need increased investment – and which areas are more likely to attract retail investment.
  • Curiosity™ Smart Video Analytics integrates data from video sources into a holistic, 360-degree single dashboard view of the environment, giving you intelligent insights so you can make smarter decisions, respond faster to potential emergencies, and improve efficiency while keeping people and property safe.

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