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Secure Messaging

Staying connected is vital. But so’s staying secure. Secure messaging allows you to do both.

Secure communication is important to every organization – but to some it’s absolutely essential. That’s where Sprint’s Secure Enterprise Messenger comes in. Whether you work in finance, healthcare, or another security-sensitive industry, it lets you text information without worrying about prying eyes.

Sprint Secure Enterprise Messenger offers a host of features designed to protect your communications and your organization.

It helps you:

  • Keep messages secure, with encryption and PIN-code protection
  • Manage messages smarter, with auto-erase and secure saving features
  • Centralize control, with remote wiping and app locking

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  • HIPAA and SOX compliance
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Message self-destruct and remote wiping and locking
  • Security policy enforcement


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