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Remote Monitoring

Stay informed about the performance and status of your critical equipment, with 24/7 email and text alerts from Sprint wireless sensors.

It’s vital to know the equipment your business relies is in operating correctly, so you can deal with any problems before they get out of control. You can’t watch everything all day, every day though. That’s where we come in.

Sprint Remote Monitoring helps you monitor your equipment’s performance using the power of telemetry. From oil wells and waste-water valve controls, to electric utility grid switches and any other type of asset connected to a Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), we’ll keep you connected to your critical equipment.

With Remote Monitoring from Sprint, you can:

  • Stay in control, always knowing if your equipment is functioning as designed
  • Get instant alerts when there’s a problem to improve security, minimize downtime and mitigate risk
  • Adjust pricing or supply on the fly by monitoring commodities in real time
  • Monitor what matters to you, including temperature, open/closed doors, humidity and equipment performance


  • More than 100 types of wireless sensor
  • Open M2M IEEE standard
  • Advanced M2M cellular gateway
  • Solutions for SCADA, building automation and remote diagnostics

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