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Remote Monitoring

Smart telemetry

For decades, we’ve helped professionals monitor their equipment’s performance using the power of telemetry.

From oil wells and waste-water valve controls, to electric utility grid switches and any other type of asset connected to a Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), we’ll keep you connected to your critical equipment.

You can choose from a hundred types of monitoring sensors, including:
  • Temperature
  • Open/closed doors
  • Humidity
  • Equipment performance

From industry-leading solutions for SCADA, building automation and remote diagnostics to an open, M2M IEEE standard that allows developers to create low-cost, high-speed 3G/4G LTE applications with a substantial shelf life, we’ve got it covered, so you have it covered, too.

We’ll make sure you:
  • Always know if your equipment is functioning as designed
  • Get instant alerts when there’s a problem – improving security, minimizing downtime and mitigating risk
  • Monitor commodities in real time and adjust pricing or supply accordingly.

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Coverage not available everywhere. Sprint 3G network reaches over 282 million people. Sprint 4G LTE network reaches over 260 million people. Restrictions apply.

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