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Mobile Urgent Alerts Enable mobile workers to send urgent messages to a pre-defined list of contacts.

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Give your mobile workers a quicker way to send for help.

One of your workers needs assistance. He needs a fast way to call for help.

Mobile Urgent Alerts from Sprint Business is an Android application that lets an employee quickly and easily send an alert for aid to a pre-defined list of people, without dialing. And in case of a fall or the phone is dropped, an alert can be sent automatically.

With Mobile Urgent Alerts, your mobile workers can:

  • Quickly notify a pre-defined list of people that they need assistance
  • Automatically include key information in the alert, such as location and phone or push-to-talk number
  • Send notifications via voice, text, email or a combination
  • Be assured an alert will be sent automatically if they fall or drop their phone when feature is enabled

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This app is not meant to be used as a replacement for informing the authorities about emergency situations and Sprint takes no liability in such situations. Requires carrier network coverage or Wi-Fi connectivity. Terms and conditions are available here.


  • SMS, voice, email or combination alerts
  • Optional automatic alert in case of fall or dropped phone
  • Simple centralized management tool

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