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Mobile Commerce Solutions Intuitive mobile solutions for anywhere, anytime commerce.

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When your business is on the move, you need mobile tools to support transactions and enable connectivity.

Seize opportunity virtually wherever it is

If you’re in a business that doesn’t stand still — for example, if you operate pop-up stores or have service reps in the field — you need solutions you can carry with you.

We offer mobile solutions for POS and instant networks that travel with you and deploy when and where you need them, because business can happen virtually anywhere.

Mobile POS solutions

Our mobile POS solutions give you a quick, easy way to provide mobile payment options for your customers. Solutions include a POS app and hardware with warranty, along with 24/7 customer service. You’ll be able to offer either email or printed receipts, enable payments to include tax and tips, and offer refunds or void transactions as needed.

Instant network solutions

Our enterprise-grade wired and wireless LTE solutions allow you to get internet connectivity up and running on day one in a new location. Avoid expensive truck rolls to the new site, while launching new locations on your timeline.

Cloud Management via the NetCloud Platform enables zero-touch deployment, allowing IT teams to set up a new network location, configure hardware, and give network access to devices and users — all without going on-site. Simply have an on-site employee power up the router, and the remote network administrator can configure the router with a few clicks.

POS solution features

  • Dashboards for sales and marketing tracking
  • End-to-end security
  • Email marketing module
  • Multi-store inventory tracking

Instant network solution features

  • Wireless multi-WAN routers
  • Software-defined technologies
  • Network function automation and orchestration
  • Cloud-managed networks
  • IPS/IDS and content filtering

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