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Insurance Telematics

Insurance Telematics
Safer drivers, smarter insurance

Better driver behavior drives down costs. It’s just that simple.

So if you’re trying to make sure your policyholders don’t leave you for the next best deal, you need to give them a lot more value than the competition does.

Our insurance telematics solutions help you give your policyholders data they can really use. You’ll be able to give them insights into their own driving behavior, access to coaching, and help them monitor the health of their vehicles…all on their smartphones.

The result? Improved retention rates, better relationships with policyholders and lower driver risk.

It’s a game changing solution that helps you:
  • Mitigate risk: Your customers get real-time feedback after each trip as well as coaching tips on their driving via the smartphone app.
  • Influence driving behavior: You give your customers an eye-opening view of how their behavior affects their wallets – and your people get to see how it affects your bottom line
  • Build new revenue streams: You can link telematics to rewards programs to enhance your customer relationships with deals at restaurant chains and movie theatres.
  • Make a positive environmental impact: Your customers get to leverage a smartphone app that shows them how their vehicle’s health, idling, high speed, and acceleration affect the environment.

Our insurance telematics are the smartest way to get out of a price war with your competitors and get back to helping your customers.

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