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In-Vehicle Camera Get the upper hand on officer accountability with a visual failsafe.

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In-Vehicle Cameras give you more visibility to events as they happen — and the situational awareness you need to respond to an officer in need of assistance.

It happens all the time, every day — details of an incident involving the public are called into question, and the officers involved remember them slightly differently. Or you need to respond to an incident that’s unfolding right now — but you don’t have the details or location at your fingertips, and response time suffers.

An In-Vehicle Camera from Sprint Business helps quickly document interactions with the public — and record evidence. It produces a GPS-tagged video feed that can be broadcast in real time to your command center. It can give HQ greater visibility to activity as it happens, and give those in command the knowledge they need to deploy timely help to officers on the scene of an incident.

Supported by a network designed specifically for this type of bandwidth-hungry application, an In-Vehicle Camera from Sprint Business helps you:

  • Keep officers safe and accountable on the job
  • Clarify complex incidents
  • Minimize use of force
  • Observe and instruct trainees

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  • Front and rear facing cameras
  • High quality video feeds
  • GPS tagged video
  • Customizable triggers

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