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Group Connect®

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Need everyone on the same page? Get everyone on the same call. Coordinate the crew instantly with Group Connect®.


  • Create a Group Connect call for up to 250 users from the CAT Tool.
  • Create a Group Connect call from your handset for up to 30 users
  • Talkgroup scanning with priority allows users to monitor group call activity
  • Broadcast Calling allows a dispatcher or designated user to make a one-way, high priority call to up to 500 users
  • Online group set-up and contact management. Create and maintain Talkgroups online with the Corporate Administrative Tool (CAT), which is included with your service if you have a compatible Sprint phone and qualifying plan

How to get it

Group Connect calling is included with Sprint Direct Connect Plus service at no extra charge.

Sprint Direct Connect Plus Devices

SDC Plus works on a broad range of devices including purpose-built push-to-talk “button” phones, supported Android and iOS smartphones, select rugged phones and even tablets.

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Sprint Direct Connect Plus Accessories

Remote speaker microphones, car kits, Go-Kits, holsters, single-and multi-bay chargers, surveillance earpieces, GPS lockboxes—Sprint has you covered with the SDC Plus accessories you need.

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  • Public Safety
  • Construction
  • Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • Retail

Why Sprint

  • First to offer nationwide push-to-talk
  • Evolution shows proven commitment to push-to-talk
  • Offers push-to-talk over multiple networks for coverage almost anywhere
  • Sprint offers a broad range of industry-leading solutions to help businesses and their employees be more productive and safe while in the field