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High-performance, global reachability, and secure multiservice connectivity—welcome to Sprint's scalable and secure MPLS VPN service.

Managing email, internet, voice, and video over separate networks can be costly and time-consuming. Sprint MPLS VPN provides the infrastructure you need to converge these elements onto a single platform, removing complexity and bringing new levels of flexibility to your network.

As the only service provider with a wholly owned and managed global wireline and wireless network, our standard offering includes enhanced features, high-level performance, wide geographical coverage, and an exceptional end user experience.

  • Prioritize and optimize network performance with Customizable Class of Service (CoS)
  • Support multiple time-sensitive communications with multiservice network designation
  • Enjoy seamless communication with optimum security and global support


  • Global end-to-end SLAs
  • Customizable Class of Service (CoS)
  • Proactive service monitoring

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