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Extranet Services Extranet is the bridge between your users and the cloud.

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Bridge the gap between one-customer networks and the cloud. Discover Extranet Services.

When cloud application providers rely on traditional VPNs, it can make delivering apps much more difficult than it needs to be. And if you’re supporting more than one application for each customer, it can be harder still.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Our Extranet Services help you bridge the gap from one-customer networks to the cloud—using leading technologies to securely connect multiple users through a single, extranet-enabled GMPLS port.

  • Protect customer data and services by delivering cloud apps through secure connections.
  • Connect directly to your subscribers’ VPNs using the extranet for enterprise-wide access to mission-critical applications.
  • Keep costs down for you and your customers with no extra installation charges for new subscribers.
  • Maintain peak performance with free, flexible Class of Service options, so your users can prioritize time-sensitive applications.


  • Secure connectivity
  • Enterprise-wide access
  • Fast, simple implementation
  • Free Class of Service options

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