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Enterprise Messenger Get more from your messaging with extra features for easy collaboration.

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Enable quick and easy workgroup communication and collaboration, with the enterprise-grade messaging client designed for the needs of your business.

It’s simple: your employees and their workgroups need to communicate in order to work together effectively. Texting is useful … up to a point. But typical consumer-grade messaging clients don’t have the special functionalities your business needs.

Sprint Enterprise Messenger from Sprint Business gives you all the great features you’d expect of a messaging client, and much more — letting your organization communicate as a group or one-to-one, from virtually any mobile device, virtually anywhere.

Sprint Enterprise Messenger includes the robust broadcast and central management features of Enterprise Messaging Gateway, plus:

  • Simplifies immediate workgroup communication with longer texts and instant group chats
  • Makes collaboration a breeze with the ability to share documents, audio and video files by messaging
  • Improves communication flows with delivery and read notification so you know they got the message
  • Includes the ability to create group chats with every response in a single thread
  • Keeps sensitive data safe by separating private messages from business messages

Get everyone on message.

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This solution works on Android or iOS devices and works across carrier networks and Wi-Fi. Additional carrier messaging rates may apply. Requires carrier network coverage or Wi-Fi connectivity.


  • Longer texts — up to 1,500 characters
  • Delivery and read notifications
  • Instant group chats
  • File sharing
  • Centralized web-based management

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