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Enterprise Messenger

It’s simple: you’ve got to be able to reach your workers at a moment’s notice. And they’ve got to be able to reach each other. Wherever they are. So, give your people—and your organization—the gift of quick, secure communication.

Keeping everyone connected. It’s the key to driving productivity across your workforce. And it’s just gotten easier.

Sprint Enterprise Messenger (SEM) gives you all the great features you’d expect of a messaging client, and much more— letting your organization communicate as a group or one-to-one, from virtually any mobile device, virtually anywhere.

Say goodbye to miscommunication with:

  • Flexible, multimedia messaging
  • Mass messaging
  • Robust security and centralized management

Get everyone on message.

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  • Share documents, audio files, video and more
  • Create group chats in an instant—with every response in a single thread
  • Accelerate problem resolution, and the sharing of vital information
  • Separate private messages from business messages—to keep critical data safe



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