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Education Technology solutions for your teachers, staff and students.

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Sprint Business offers technology solutions that support productive and safe workplaces and learning environments for your teachers, staff and students.

Connected learning, empowered teaching

Delivering the latest technology to your classrooms can seem daunting. For one thing, you need to keep costs down. But you also need to make sure things don’t get too complicated.

That’s where Sprint Business comes in. We’re helping smart educators give their students the latest tech at affordable rates – and their staff the tools to help manage it all. We provide you:

  • Smartphone and tablet solutions so students can learn virtually anywhere
  • The network you need to give them a reliable, online learning environment
  • And comprehensive mobility-management solutions to help keep your programs efficient and secure

Enhancing the learning experience in your school or on your campus is a crucial challenge. We’ll help you make smarter choices about how to empower your staff and students.

Education resources

Contract discounts for state and local government

Since we work with group purchasing organizations (GPOs) and alliances, some government entities are eligible for discounts on select regularly priced Sprint monthly services.  Get in touch with your purchasing contract administrator or a Sprint representative to find out which Sprint GPO discounts are available for your agency.


As the exclusive national wireless provider for MiCTA members, we offer pre-negotiated pricing on smartphones, tablets, netbooks, notebooks, GPS, 3G/4G devices and services, and much more.

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As the premier Sprint contract for all State and Local government entities and their employees, Sprint NASPO participants receive a deep discount on Sprint solutions.  See the flyer

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Members of NPPGov, organization members, member employees and retirees are eligible to receive discounts with Sprint.

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HGACBuy members can save on the regular price of eligible monthly service plan charges.

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