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Driver Safety Fleet safety solution

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Safer driving through our Driver Safety solution helps protect your drivers, customers, vehicles, products and reputation on the road.

A driver’s job carries risk.

Personal injury, property damage, traffic violations and liability — these risks are a reality for a business that relies on a fleet. So much rests on the shoulders of your drivers. They need every advantage you can give them.

Help reduce the risk with our Driver Safety solution.

This solution is an intelligent driver safety system that uses bi-directional, AI-powered in-vehicle cameras and devices to detect and alert distracted drivers while documenting driver behavior in a management application designed to monitor and improve fleet safety. It assesses the driver, vehicle and road ahead to detect distracted and aggressive driving in real time, helping to lower the risk of collisions and traffic violations and improve your bottom line.

The solution alerts your driver when it matters most: when they’re distracted and risks are present in the road ahead. It nudges your driver to focus on the road with progressive alerts based on duration of distraction events. It can automatically coach drivers to keep safe following distances.

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  • Embedded artificial intelligence
  • GPS, IMU and camera sensors
  • Nearly 300° of high-quality video
  • LTE connectivity
  • Ongoing over-the-air software updates

Use of proactive driver coaching with high-risk event reviews reduces collision frequency by more than 35 percent for high-utilization commercial vehicles.1

IoT Driver SafetyIoT Driver SafetyIoT Driver Safety

Actionable insights

By capturing nearly 300° of any driver’s high-risk event, Driver Safety technology synthesizes the collected data into actionable insights and uploads the video and other critical data to help improve driver behavior.

In-cab coaching

Our Driver Safety solution uses progressive alerts to coach drivers to improve driving habits and turn a distracted driver’s attention back to the road. Camera and device data may also validate safe driving actions for good drivers.

Easier claims

In-vehicle camera and device technology can capture critical data like speed, location and automatic driver identification required by insurers. Automatically capturing events and notifying operations via SMS/email can help streamline claims processing and costs.


  • In-cab notifications — Help reduce distracted driving events with in-cab alerts
  • Context-rich coaching — Alerts capture events associated with the “ABCs” of acceleration braking, and cornering as well as collisions, for driver coaching
  • Driver empowerment — Enable drivers to immediately notify operations any time they witness an unsafe or unusual situation

Efficiency and productivity

  • Increased productivity — Help drivers stay focused on the road ahead, keeping vehicles active and productive to improve your bottom line
  • Streamlined claims processing — Reduce the time required to file insurance claims by as much as 80 percent2
  • Reduced liability — Get tangible evidence for reducing liability claims and helping exonerate drivers in wrongful liability claims


  • Safety compliance — Incent drivers to comply with company directives regarding speeding, tailgating, wearing seatbelts and smoking
  • Cell phone compliance — Automatically detect cell phone use with real-time distraction detection enabled via over-the-air updates
  • Reports — View safety metrics and route history in one location, and leverage reporting as leaderboards to incentivize drivers to improve safety performance over time

1Nauto/Atlas assessment over 6 months across high-utilization commercial vehicles in US cities, vs. pre-Nauto historical baseline of 12 months.
2Nauto customer metrics and performance.

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