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Device Protection, Repair & Support Discover the smart way to protect your business devices.

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Sprint offers comprehensive protection solutions to cover your devices - from loss to theft to damage or malfunction.

Smartphones get dropped, or left on the subway, and coffee gets spilled on tablets – it happens. Every year, one in five people have their phone lost stolen or damaged. And if your devices aren’t covered, replacing or repairing them can get pretty expensive.

With our protection solutions, you can rest easy knowing your budget is safe, even when your devices aren’t.

Sprint’s device protection solutions help you:

  • Save time and money replacing lost, stolen or damaged devices
  • Gain peace of mind,with comprehensive protection and automatic backup of photos and videos
  • Keep your people up and running,with next-day replacement and one-click access to a Tech Expert for premium support


  • Protect users without taking away the tools they need
  • Encryption, backup and compliance tracking
  • Support a diverse portfolio of devices

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