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Curiosity™ OS The scalable way to manage all your data and devices.

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How do you keep up with the speed of business when it keeps getting faster? How can you keep business processes from slowing you down? And how can you get meaningful, actionable intel from the data those processes generate?

The IoT operating system for connectivity, device and data management

Introducing Curiosity™ OS, the IoT operating system that works in lockstep with the Curiosity™ Core dedicated IoT network.

Curiosity OS lets you easily manage all your connected devices — your “things” on the Internet of Things (IoT). Like the GPS devices used by auto franchise Byrider, as illustrated in our custom vehicle tracking solution video.

IoT management made easy

Curiosity™ OS connectivity management and device management capabilities enable easy IoT device deployment. Configuration and updates of firmware and software are managed for each device.

The IoT OS offers data management capability, ingesting colossal amounts of data and delivering virtually immediate intelligence on it — with security at the chip level.


  • Easy-to-use dashboard gives you uniform control regardless of where your devices are.
  • Unified architecture means you only have to integrate once, not once for every country.
  • Control at machine speed, capturing errors and effectuating changes at unprecedented speeds.
  • End-to-end security and encryption built into our solution.
  • Uniform SLA on connectivity across all geographies so all devices are managed the same way.
  • A whole ecosystem of partners, operators and other participants on the service.

Control all your devices from one dashboard


Get flexible connectivity options

  • 4G LTE (CAT-M +), 5G (anticipated in future)
  • Shared and private APNs
  • Dynamic and static IP addressing
  • Option for enterprise managed IP addresses


Take control

  • Self-service enterprise portal
  • Platform APIs for business process automation
  • Full subscription lifecycle management
  • Direct access to subscription details


Get telco-grade security

  • White listed internet connectivity
  • Redundant IPSec VPN tunnels
  • Password protected portal and APIs
  • Managed roles for differentiated access


Manage logistics

  • Order and manage SIM cards
  • Activate, suspend (pause) and deactivate subscriptions
  • View subscription details
  • Manage subscription packages


Monitor in near real time

  • View top traffic statistics
  • Analyze diagnostics
  • Troubleshoot with subscription activity details
  • Use triggers to monitor usage
  • Automatically alert and deactivate based on behavior


Get detailed reporting

  • Daily usage reports
  • Detailed billing report with full session details
  • Analyze monthly traffic usage
  • Track all SIM state changes

Controlling the IoT:
Curiosity OS in action

Play this video to see how our IoT operating system manages connectivity, data, devices and software at the edge, all in lockstep.

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