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Curiosity™ Core

What would be possible on the Internet of Things with higher network availability and lower latency? What new IoT use cases would evolve? How could your business innovate to better compete in the immediate economy?

The next-generation IoT network built for software

Introducing Curiosity™ Core, the first fully virtualized and distributed core network dedicated exclusively for IoT.

This new virtualized and geographically distributed forward thinking core concept can flex to offer computing capacity to applications where you need it — even on your premises.

Highly flexible edge deployment

Because it’s distributed and virtualized, the Curiosity™ Core network reduces the distance between the device generating the data and the IoT application processing it. Nodes are distributed at the edge — right to the enterprise premise, if necessary — to help support your specific security, privacy and latency needs.

In fact, this enables Sprint to meet stringent latency and throughput requirements, with robust SLA’s on availability, latency and jitter.


  • Dedicated exclusively to IoT
  • Virtualized for fast deployment and changes
  • Geographically distributed for lower latency


  • Today: LTE; 2018: Cat-M; 2019: 5G
  • Core round trip latency 2-10 ms


  • Shift from gateways to bare metal servers
  • Reduced activation time of IoT nodes from several weeks to 1 day
  • Low power < 5kw using micro edge pops
  • 10 minutes to add new capacity


  • Distance from sensor to apps reduced from 1,000 to <50 miles, reducing latency to below 20 ms
  • IoT deals with 19 operators, expanding to 150
  • Access for 193 operators to deploy IoT services in U.S.
  • Launching 8 pops in November, 14 in February, with plans to scale to 150 pops in 2019

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