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Connected Officer Platform A single platform for all your officers’ critical apps and services.

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Keep your officers connected with a platform that offers fast, easy access to all the mobile apps and data they use while they’re on duty.

Sensors, cameras, remote triggers, apps … your officers rely on a lot of technology on the job. When it really matters and people are counting on them — and when seconds make a difference — is all that tech accessible quickly and easily, in one convenient place? If not, you’re taking an unnecessary risk.

The Connected Officer Platform from Sprint Business removes that risk by bringing together all the apps an officer uses and connecting them, along with all their services and sensors, in one integrated system on their smartphone.

The Connected Officer Platform can make it faster and easier to:

  • Locate officers in the field
  • Alert other units when an officer is down
  • Automatically record video when a weapon is drawn
  • Give commanding officers near real-time situational awareness of field teams
  • Make tactical decisions based on actionable situational intelligence 

Need to know more about this award-winning solution? Check out our solution brief.

 The Connected Officer Platform was a 2017 Compass Intelligence Award Winner.


  • Fully customizable platform
  • 360-degree view of officers in the field
  • Near real-time dashboard
  • Support for near real-time video and data streaming
  • Process automation capability

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