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Cargo Tracking

Cargo Tracking
Keep on top of your cargo

The safety and timely arrival of your cargo is paramount. But keeping track of where it is and whether its journey is going as planned can be hard without the right tools.

Our Cargo Tracking solutions lets you monitor your cargo while it’s moving so you can make sure it’s where it needs to be when it needs to be there.

Moreover, you’ll be able to receive real-time notifications about departures, arrivals and checkpoint clearances so you can document you cargo’s journey easily and efficiently.

It’s the smart way to:
  • Monitor and document the temperature of perishable cargo while it’s in transit.
  • Document where your goods were and when they reached their destination.
  • Locate and recover lost or stolen goods quickly.

When you apply telematics to your cargo, you get the peace of mind knowing your cargo is safe, and that its journey was appropriately documented.

But you also improve the productivity and efficiency of your operation because you can organize the rest of your logistics around the predicted arrival of your cargo.

Telematics don’t just make your cargo safer – they make your operation more efficient.

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