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Cargo Tracking

Our cargo tracking solutions combine industry-leading software and hardware with the super-fast Sprint network to give you real-time insight into your cargo.

Solutions include advanced GPS telematics and in-container sensors to tell you exactly where your cargo is and whether it’s safe or at risk.

  • Stay in control: with continuous, real-time visibility of the location of your cargo trucks and containers.
  • Avoid theft and loss: with customizable alerts for unscheduled stops or idling, alterations to load weight, departure from approved routes, and more.
  • Safeguard perishable goods: with advanced temperature monitoring and alerting within set parameters, plus temperature logs for customer reassurance and insurance purposes.
  • Prevent damage: with real-time tracking and logging of driver behaviour, so you can ensure your stuff gets safely from A to B.


  • Real-time cargo tracking
  • Environment monitoring
  • Customizable parameters
  • Range of solutions available

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