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Body Cameras Get clarity on officer actions with a complete live-stream of events.

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Clarity, safety, accountability. Let our body cameras be your eyes and ears in the field, and document officer interactions with the public you serve.

What happened?

The answer to that question isn’t always clear, with everything an officer encounters on the job. But knowing the details of an officer-involved incident has never been as important as it is today. And there’s no substitute for being able to see with your own eyes how events actually unfold.

But you can’t be everywhere all the time. That’s why body cameras are so important. Body cameras from Sprint Business can be your eyes and ears when you’re not on the scene — and provide evidence that is hard to dispute.

Whether your officers transmit a live feed or upload recorded footage captured in response to a triggering event, body cameras have to be supported by a fast, reliable network. The Sprint network is engineered specifically for this type of bandwidth-hungry application. It can handle the real-world demands of our body cameras to help you:

  • Keep officers safe and accountable on the job
  • Collect indisputable evidence
  • Clarify complex incidents
  • Defuse tensions with the public
  • Observe and instruct trainees

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  • High quality video feeds
  • Customizable triggers
  • Integration with other wearables
  • Apps available to control cams, add meta data to video

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