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Automatic Injury Detection

Keeping officers safe.

We heard the call for backup.

Law enforcement is becoming increasingly dangerous. According to TIME, the number of police officers killed on duty rose to an all-time high.  Sprint understands and is here to help keep officers safe in the line of duty.  Know within seconds if an officer has been shot to keep them safe with near real-time information on their location and status.

Sprint and Select Engineering Services (SES) is proud to introduce a device called AID – Automated Injury Detection for our first responders.  AID is a wearable vest used with existing body armour that immediately notifies identified personnel when the officer wearing the vest is shot or stabbed.

AID immediately transmits an alert message for help that contains

  • The officer’s ID
  • The location of the attack shown on a map with GPS coordinates
  • Location of the injuries (front, back, upper chest, lower chest, upper back, lower back)
  • Other medical information such as blood type and allergies.


Data is sent via the Sprint cellular network to all other designated officers on the network.  The AID Sensor Panel inserts into the body armor without any modification.

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