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Automatic Injury Detection Sensors inserted into body armor that alert when an officer is shot.

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Protect your officers with these sensor panels that can detect a gunshot or stab wound and transmit vital information to emergency responders.

Seconds count when an officer falls under attack. The moments that tick by can mean the difference between life and death for a wounded officer while the situation is assessed, fellow officers are alerted, and backup and emergency responders are summoned.

SES Automatic Injury Detection saves time and lives. It’s a set of lightweight sensor panels worn under body armor that detects the type and anatomical location of the wound and the geographic location of the officer — even if on the move — and alerts those who need to know, in near real time.

  • Recognizes officer by ID
  • Identifies type and location of attack
  • Provides lifesaving information to responders
  • Communicates even if officer is incapacitated
  • Dramatically improves EMS response time
  • Reduces injury-to-treatment time

Need to know more? Check out our solution brief or watch the video demo.


  • Two lightweight sensor panels
  • Sensor circuit
  • Bluetooth® communication module
  • Microphone
  • GPS coordinates
  • Free Android app

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