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Asset Management High-value asset tracking

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Your high-value assets represent a heavy investment. Help protect it with an asset management solution from Sprint Business.

Your assets are vulnerable

You can’t afford to let anything happen to your powered or nonpowered equipment. If it’s stolen, lost or damaged, it could cost your business an arm and a leg to replace it — not to mention lost time.

Safeguard your investments with an asset management solution

We offer a single-portal asset management solution that provides near-real-time tracking and monitoring of assets, enabling you to quickly locate your valuable equipment — whether it’s on premise or deployed in the field — and ensure that things are where they need to be, when they need to be there.

Increase visibility, improve utilization, boost efficiency, and reduce operational expenses with our asset management solution for ground transportation (trailers), shipping, heavy equipment, and transportation terminals (airports, bus stations, etc.) and many other types of operations. Automate maintenance and work orders, and restrict equipment usage to those assigned ID keys for the sentry keypad.


  • GPS tracking
  • Sentry keypad
  • Usage and utilization reports
  • Single dashboard

IoT Asset ManagementIoT Asset ManagementIoT Asset Management

Easy to use

A single dashboard helps you easily manage your equipment. Access critical information about location and status through a simple user interface on a PC, tablet or smartphone to make sure every asset is properly deployed.

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Gain better visibility to your supply chain.

See how the Sprint CuriosityTM IoT platform enables continuous data updates throughout your entire supply chain. Tracking assets, inventory levels and order fulfillment can reach new levels of automation.

Alerts and reports

When there’s an important status change, be notified with an alert so you can take timely action. Geo-boundary breaches trigger near-real-time alerts, notifying you of potential unauthorized use or theft. Customizable reports help you keep detailed records.

Secure your assets

  • Theft prevention — Proactively address theft and unauthorized use by receiving alerts when assets cross predefined geo-boundaries
  • Security monitoring — Keep valuable assets secure by receiving information on the latest locations
  • Loss reduction — Reduce loss through timely tracking to aid in the quick recovery of lost or stolen assets

Maximize utilization

  • Productivity — Help improve productivity and efficiency by tracking assets in near real time to pinpoint locations
  • Profitability — Reduce project delays, maximize utilization and increase profitability via more efficient asset planning and scheduling
  • Reports — Manage assets more easily and efficiently with customizable reports
  • Alerts — Get alert notifications when important status changes occur

Save time and money

  • Reduced search time — Save time in locating assets using near-real-time GPS data
  • Scheduling — Leverage records and historical data to improve scheduling efficiency
  • Savings — Save money by reducing the number of lost assets and eliminating backfill orders due to missing equipment
  • Maintenance — Reduce maintenance costs using diagnostic monitoring and alerts for proactive preventive maintenance

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