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Application Management

Mobile security starts with your apps. Protect everyone, everywhere, on every device with Sprint Mobile Application Management.

Mobility management isn’t just about devices—it’s about the data and the users too. So your ability to monitor, manage and secure mobile applications is central to your people’s success and freedom.

Our Mobile Application Management solution was designed to make sure your people can access the applications they need on any device they need toto—while giving you the ability to manage that access securely and remotely, at scale.

It’s a tall order, but it’s easy to achieve when you have the ability to:

  • Scan the reputation of every app and roll out customize compliance policies to every user
  • Use app wrapping to secure third-party apps without the need for any extra coding
  • Create a consolidated app store full of apps that have been approved and secured


  • Protect users without taking away the tools they need
  • Encryption, backup and compliance tracking
  • Support a diverse portfolio of devices

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