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International Texting from the U.S.

International Texting is a simple way to communicate with associates in other countries.

When talking is not an option, International Texting from Sprint is a simple and fast way to communicate with friends, family and associates in other countries.

Choose our Unlimited International Text service, and you can text as much as you want to over 180 countries for just $10/month. Just be sure you’re in the U.S. or domestic location, including Canada, U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, and that you have a domestic unlimited messaging plan or add-on.

If you don’t choose to add Unlimited International Text to your plan, you can still send and receive texts just the same for 20¢/message.

How to text

With the industry’s best plan and most feature-rich options for international texting, you can send and receive texts (for just 20¢/message — requires a compatible data plan or add-on).

You can even send them to friends and family on international carriers.

Additional texts: 20¢/msg. Pay-as-you-go texts: 20¢/msg. International roaming: Check coverage details for availability and rates. Text to Landline: no additional charge, standard texting charges apply. Voice SMS messages: will incur an additional data charge, if you do not have a data plan, and are not available with all phones.

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