Bring together your business phones and productivity/collaboration apps all in one hub.

Sprint® Smart UC is an easier way to get your business an advanced portfolio of cloud PBX, UC, team collaboration, contact center and network services — all accessible from desktop, laptop or mobile device.

It features a Smart Hub that integrates these services seamlessly with third-party apps like Salesforce and Microsoft office 365, plus adds contextual intelligence. That means when a call or message comes in, users see the most recent content (messages, documents, social posts) associated with the person calling.

And with Smart UC you pay as you go, with per seat/per month pricing, so it’s easy to scale when you hire new people.

Smart UC is all delivered in the cloud, so it’s intrinsically multi-site and mobile, you always have the latest software, you don’t need any hardware or HVAC, and you don’t have to make any upfront capital investment.

Read our eBook, The cloud for better comms, to learn about five big benefits of Smart UC:

  • Gain business agility
  • Streamline meetings
  • Business intelligence
  • Connected mobility
  • Integrated simplicity