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The mobility solution that will make you a hero

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Stop buying tech

Our plea to stop buying tech and start buying services

The survivor’s guide to opening a new office

The six tech must-haves for every new workplace

Optimize Productivity with Mobile Workforce Management

Managing a mobile workforce: A tale of two workers (For best results view in Chrome, Safari or Firefox browsers) A bad mobile workforce management solution can drain efficiency from your mobile workers. A great one can turn them into a lean, slick operation that’s the envy of your competitors. Watch A Tale of Two Workers to…

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Boost Efficiency with Workforce Locator

Do you know where your workers are? Keeping track of your mobile workforce is essential if you want to manage it efficiently.  But how can you stay in control of something that never stands still? Read our guide to see how Sprint Workforce Locator can help you find, contact and manage your mobile workers—in real-time,…

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All of your paperwork, none of the Paper

Put an end to inefficiency Admit it. Paper-based forms aren’t always the best way to get things done. They’re grabbed at the end of a job, scrawled on with illegible writing, and crumpled up in vehicle seats. Then it takes hours to decipher the forms and enter the data. Custom Mobile Forms from Sprint can…

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More jobs, more profits

Turn virtually any mobile device into a powerful productivity tool. When you know what is in progress, what has been completed and who’s best positioned in the field to take the next job, it’s easy to get more jobs done every day.

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Allied Air uses mobile forms

See how Allied Air improved the accuracy of service tickets, inventory management and customer data with one simple to deploy solution. With the help of Sprint, Allied Air was able to improve the accuracy of service tickets, inventory management and other customer data. Canvas mobile forms also: Saved the company over $31,200 annually in administrative…

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5 ways Mobile Workforce Management delivers ROI

The cold hard ROI of Mobile Workforce Management When you empower your road heroes with tools that connect them and make them smarter, you don’t just get a load of warm, fuzzy benefits. You get cold, hard ROI. We know. We did the math. Fill in the form to access the eBook and find out…

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Moving past paper: Mobile Forms

Moving Past Paper: Mobile Forms Webinar Paper forms slow you down. See how mobile forms provide fast ROI for Field Service while improving operational efficiencies. View this information-packed webinar to learn how easy it can be to deploy and integrate mobile forms, what to expect when you transition and how simple it is to customize…

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Mobile Forms for field workers

How mobile forms turn your field workers into superstars When your people are out in the field, they’re still a part of your business. But it’s worryingly easy for too many business processes to fall just short of where your people need them. The result? Slower processes, information gaps and frustrated field workers. Fill in…

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