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Improve security and compliance in BYOD programs webinar

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Many industries, including financial services and health care, have seen strong support and adoption of corporate BYOD programs. However, challenges remain when it comes to meeting specific regulatory compliance needs. Balancing the business and employee benefits of BYOD with industry regulations requires careful planning and the right technology to ensure all needs are met.

Watch this webinar replay to understand the unique risks and challenges that financial services and health care organizations face when allowing employees to use their own devices for business. Learn how the right BYOD program can increase productivity, better manage costs, and improve satisfaction for both your employees and customers.

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Featured Speakers

Jeanine Sterling

Industry Director

Mobile and Wireless Communications
Frost & Sullivan

Sasha Gorman

Vice President

Product Development for Sprint Business

Areas covered in the webinar

  • Current North American BYOD market statistics and trends
  • Challenges in managing corporate BYOD programs
  • Meeting BYOD security and compliance needs
  • Overview of the Sprint MultiLine BYOD solution
  • Examples of companies in Financial Services and Healthcare using Sprint MultiLine

About Jeanine Sterling

Jeanine is responsible for monitoring and analyzing emerging trends, technologies and market dynamics in the U.S. and Canadian mobile and wireless communications marketplace.  Since joining Frost & Sullivan in 2008, Jeanine has focused on the mobile enterprise ecosystem, with emphasis on the growing array of powerful mobile software solutions emerging for the North American worker.

These business-to-employee (B2E) offerings provide increased visibility, security, and real-time information access to both the mobile worker and the organization he or she supports.  Other coverage areas include mobile asset tracking, mobile supply chain management, and enterprise mobility management (EMM) platforms.

About Sasha Gorman

Sasha Gorman joined Sprint Business in January, 2018 and is Vice President of Product Development responsible for product strategy, product development and voice-of-the-customer engagement. Prior to this role, Sasha was Vice President of Smart Communications, responsible for Sprint’s portfolio of business communications, employee collaboration and customer engagement solutions.

Prior to joining Sprint, Sasha served as Executive Vice President of Sales at Platform 28, a provider of cloud communications solutions. Sasha has also held management positions at LiveVox and Stratasoft, and served on the Board of Directors of the Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE) in Ohio. He received his BA from Bard College and his MS from the University of Wisconsin-Madison..

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