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One phone, two lines: An award-winning solution to a common problem

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If you have employees who use their personal phones for work, you should check out this free one-hour on-demand webinar about Sprint MultiLine.

Control, compliance, cost savings and a great customer experience: Sprint MultiLine has won multiple awards for deftly solving the problem of managing company phones – especially when employees use their personal phones for business.

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Sprint MultiLine delivers innovation…and makes it easy for enterprises to confirm policy compliance, streamline billing and eliminate the costs of hardware procurement and maintenance.

Frost & Sullivan

Featured Speakers

Jeanine Sterling

Industry Director

Mobile and Wireless Communications
Frost & Sullivan

Joe Martin

Vice President

Wireless Solutions Enablement
Sprint Business

MultiLine webinar

  • Gain industry knowledge and research data from Frost & Sullivan VP of Mobile & Wireless Communications
  • Find out what mobility trends will impact your business in the next 12 months
  • Learn why managing company phones demands a new approach
  • Hear why everyone is talking about a new innovative solution that helps organizations support business use on employees’ smartphones

About Jeanine Sterling

Jeanine is responsible for monitoring and analyzing emerging trends, technologies and market dynamics in the U.S. and Canadian mobile and wireless communications marketplace.  Since joining Frost & Sullivan in 2008, Jeanine has focused on the mobile enterprise ecosystem, with emphasis on the growing array of powerful mobile software solutions emerging for the North American worker.

These business-to-employee (B2E) offerings provide increased visibility, security, and real-time information access to both the mobile worker and the organization he or she supports.  Other coverage areas include mobile asset tracking, mobile supply chain management, and enterprise mobility management (EMM) platforms.

About Joe Martin

Joe leads large business solution engineering teams supporting business sales efforts around mobility, IoT and fixed wireless including Sprint LTE+SM; Sprint HPUESM, Sprint 5G, in-building business solutions and small cells like Sprint MagicBoxSM; wireless device operating systems; location based services; 3rd party applications; a range of business solutions; and all wireless devices and form factors.

Prior to his current role, Joe served as Director, Sales & Service, for business customers at United Telephone of Florida.

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