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eBook: 5G for Dummies

5G, the next iteration of wireless networks, is not merely an incremental increase in network speed and capacity. It’s so much more.

5G will transform everyday life and enable new innovation across virtually all industries. Healthcare, for example, will see the rise of telemedicine. Smart grids will automate energy systems. Autonomous vehicles and interconnected transport systems will dramatically improve road safety. And a tactile-capable world of virtual and augmented reality will change everything.

This eBook shows you what you need to know about the technological innovations that are being developed today to enable a 5G future.

  • Understand 5G’s evolution — trace the progress of wireless technology right up to the dawn of 5G
  • Look to the future — imagine greater speed, responsiveness, and scale
  • Be ready — understand the 5G standards and timeline
  • Explore the changes still to come — see the implications for enhanced mobile broadband, massive Internet of Things, and critical communications
  • Envision new business models and opportunities
  • Explore use cases that will transform entire industries and everyday life

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