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5-minute primer: MultiLine at work

Make BYOD work for your business

Make BYOD work for everyone in your business

BYOD is a great concept on paper; your people get to use the devices they love, and you don’t have to spend a fortune on new phones. In practice, however, things are rarely that perfect, and it doesn’t take long before the issues start to creep in.

How do you protect business relationships when you have no control over the employees personal number?  How can your people keep work and home life separate when they use the same device for both? And what happens when someone leaves your company and takes their valuable contacts with them?

Enter MultiLine from Sprint – a simple way to switch between a company-managed business line and a personal number on the devices your people already own.


Get the 5-minute primer and see how MultiLine from Sprint can help you:

  • Maintain control of business numbers while giving people the freedom to use the devices they love
  • Manage company phone numbers and settings through a simple web portal
  • Simplify compliance with regulations
  • Optimize mobile spending across your business

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