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Omni™ cloud-based phone system FAQ

Answers to your questions about Omni™, the cloud-based virtual phone system.

Omni is a cloud-based phone system that can provide you with a virtual receptionist to manage all of your customer calls, reduce your landline phone system costs up to 75%, and enable you to remotely connect with your office, all without the unnecessary hassle of a contract.

Check out our FAQs to see how Omni can impact your business.

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Product Basics

Omni cloud-based virtual phone system features:

  • Routing incoming calls to any mobile phone or desk phone
  • Virtual receptionist to greet callers
  • Custom Message Capability: Ability to set up custom greetings and messages like directions, operating hours and promotions
  • Using the app to answer and make calls from your business number anywhere
  • Sub menus and directories
  • On-hold music
  • Scalability to meet with needs of your business
  • No contract required

You need a high-speed internet connection and a regular analog phone that can be used in combination with the base station. You can use your existing analog phones or purchase new phones

There is no maximum number. The Omni platform is designed for 2 to 200+ users. Omni is also perfect for larger organizations that are highly distributed and mimic small business requirements at locations with telephony centric users.

There is a 2-user minimum.

If you use analog devices, including a fax machine, then yes, a base station is required. If you are using selected provisioned IP phones, the base station is not required.

There are two plans: Standard and Pro. For a full list of plans and the features they include, see the Omni Fact sheet for details.

We provide instructions for our customers on how to install Omni. We also offer assisted install by request.

Sprint’s onboarding specialists help with admin setup and portal training of this VOIP system. Sprint also includes ongoing admin support for technical questions, as well as troubleshooting and break/fix support

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Technical Questions

Supported devices include Yealink and Ooma phones. See your Sprint representative for questions about addition phone compatibility.

10 per bridge with the Standard plan and up to 25 with the Pro plan.

Yes, you can configure business hours that provide direction to an after-hours menu with a different greeting and menu structure. Additionally, you can configure holidays that route to this menu structure.

In most areas, transferring your current phone number (porting) to Sprint is supported. Best of all, porting is free! See your Sprint rep for details.

Yes, a fax number is just a phone number. You can either point to the Virtual Fax or you can deploy a base station to connect an actual fax machine if necessary.

Yes, it is supported on both iOS and Android.

Sure. Smart Messaging is a cloud-hosted business communication service that helps businesses increase selling opportunities by converting missed calls and voicemails into text conversations.

Smart Messaging automatically texts callers back on behalf of the business. When the caller gets the business’ voicemail, they can opt-in and start an AI texting conversation to answer frequently asked questions. This capability can be layered on top of Omni.

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The Virtual Receptionist gives companies the ability to direct incoming calls and share important information about their business.

Virtual Receptionist options:

  • Play custom messages with general information about your business, such as hours of operation and locations
  • Route calls to extensions and ring groups
  • Create menu options for different languages (English, Spanish, French, etc.)
  • Route callers to locations nearest them (if managing multiple locations)
  • Create modes for business hours and after hours
  • Create custom messages
  • Dial by name

One conference bridge per user is included. With the Standard plan, the conference line accommodates 10 participants each. With the Pro plan, you can have up to 25 participants.

Virtual Fax gives you the ability to fax without needing an actual fax machine. You can send and receive faxes from anywhere using digital technology. The virtual fax feature comes with its own number for direct access and is linked to that specific user’s extension.

Users can enjoy their own individual virtual fax at no additional cost. If your Omni extension does not have the virtual fax feature enabled, just speak to your account administrator to get it set up.

Many companies like to assemble groups of individuals to manage similar activities – customer support groups and accounting groups are common examples.

It’s ideal for businesses to have one central number to ring all the group members, whether it be at the same time or sequentially. Ring groups make it easy to ring multiple numbers from the same direct phone or extension.

You can determine what music, or message, you would like to share while your customer is on hold. Share information about your products, play out favorable reviews and testimonials, or give your customers music to listen to while they wait with Music on Hold.

Provide your customers with an informative message or music while they wait for the call to be answered, instead of the traditional ring tone while you transfer their calls.

Monitor the status of another user’s extension and perform actions like three-way phone calls, incoming call intervention, and more at the touch of a button.

A variety of actions can be enabled by one of your employees, such as a receptionist, to perform critical business phone functions and monitor the status of another user/device at the touch of a button:

  • See the extension’s status (on the hook, in a call, etc.)
  • Speed-dial the extension
  • Transfer a call to the extension
  • Initiate a 3-way phone call with the extension
  • See and answer incoming calls to the monitored extension

Whatever action you would like to perform is dependent on the state of the monitoring phone and the extension being monitored. With the Standard plan, you can monitor up to 20 extensions and with the Pro plan, you can monitor over 60 extensions.

Dial an extension and have the receiving device automatically answer via speakerphone.

Call blocking allows any account administrator to block specific numbers from reaching any extension at your place of business. Numbers can also be removed or added at any time, for any reason.

Administrators can block up to 1,000 numbers. If one of these blocked numbers tries to reach your Omni account, the callers will hear a fast-busy signal. These calls will not connect, and they will not appear in your account’s call logs.

With the Pro Plan, ‘Enhanced Call Blocking’ screens and blocks incoming calls against a dynamic database of 2M+ robocall phone numbers. This database is growing by 1,500 phone numbers per day, and calls from any of these numbers never ring on the user’s phone.

Automatically forward calls to a user’s cell phone or landline when their Omni devices are offline.

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End-user Features

Each user has his or her own login to the end-user portal so that they can manage their extension preferences. The end-user portal allows you to listen to voicemail, view call logs, and update settings for your office extension.

You can start using the end-user portal after your administrator has set up your new user extension.

End-user portal features:

  • Make a call – using the click to call feature, users can enter any phone number that they want to call
  • Listen to voicemails – by using the Home button in the end user portal, you can listen to voicemails from your web browser
  • View call logs – view your call history for incoming, outgoing and missed business calls
  • Send a fax – enter your destination fax number, select the file (PDF or TIFF), and send faxes
  • Set your preferences – configure business phone settings, like preferences for call forwarding, voicemail, caller-ID and your user profile, all within your web browser

The Omni mobile app allows users to make and receive calls, manage their extension preferences, and more from their smartphone. Features:

  • Call forwarding to app
  • Multi-device ring with app
  • Virtual extensions with app
  • Voicemail audio email attachment

Supported for iOS and Android devices, this app allows you to make and receive calls on your smartphone as if you were in the office.

Call forwarding can be set up based on an extension’s specific needs and uses, making it easy to create settings that work best for each employee’s communication needs.

When you set up call forwarding, all incoming calls to your extension will be temporarily redirected to the number that you specify. You also have the option of turning the call forwarding feature on and off from a phone using the End-User Portal or the mobile app.

Multi-device ring is the ability to have multiple devices ring when an Omni user is called.

Users can only have one of each of the following devices assigned to their account: an analog phone, an IP phone, and an external device, like a mobile phone.

When a caller dials a user’s extension and the app is enabled on the receiving end, the app will ring just as if it were an extension dialing a physical desk phone. The mobile app user will see a notification on their phone indicating that it is call into their business line thereby enabling them to distinguish those calling their personal number versus business number.

Every user extension comes with its own voicemail box that supports a personalized greeting.

There are several ways that users can access voicemail, whether it’s from their Omni phone or an outside phone line.

However, with an increasing number of remote workers, mobile offices, and employees on the go, forwarding voicemail to email is convenient and ensures you are always staying connected to colleagues and clients.

Any voice message left on your account will automatically be forwarded to a user’s email so that they can listen from anywhere. The audio message will be sent as a file attachment in .mp3, allowing users to listen from most web browsers and email formats.

When an extension is already in use and another call comes in, users will hear the traditional call waiting beep.

Users can take advantage of three-way conference calling to conference two callers together without using the conference server.

Users can place an active call on hold to dial out to a new number or when a second call comes in.

With the Pro plan, Omni supports Persistent Call Recording (always on) and On-Demand Call Recording. Recordings are stored for 90 days. Account administrators can designate automatic recording of all incoming and outgoing calls for an individual extension, while individual users can start a call recording on demand at any time. Calls can be played back through the service’s online portal or downloaded for subsequent playback or storage – perfect for use cases such as sales training, keeping a record of meetings, and customer order confirmation.

Call Flip allows a user to move an active call between user devices (e.g. from their desktop phone to the mobile app, or vice versa) without interrupting the call.

More and more customers want to know that the businesses they shop at or get services from have a local presence. It’s one of the most important things a company can do, especially a small business looking to strike a good impression within their community. That’s why Omni includes 7-digit dialing as one of its leading office features.

All users can designate an area code, which allows them to dial a 7-digit number without adding the area code. This feature makes it easier for each business to get in touch with its customers, and it simplifies daily calling for users as well.

Omni offers several ways to set up and monitor your call forwarding settings across many devices.

When you configure call forwarding, all incoming calls to your extension will be temporarily redirected to the number that you specify. You can turn call forwarding on and off at any time from your phone or the end-user portal.

There are two different types of call forwarding you can enable:

  • Call Forwarding During Device Outages –Device outages refer to instances when the phone has no connectivity to the network, or when there is a power loss at your business. Even if there are interruptions to your device, your business calls can still be routed efficiently, and you won’t miss a beat.
  • Call Forwarding Always – when you enable call forwarding always, calls you designate to a number will always be designated to that number.

Last call return allows users to quickly and easily return missed calls.

Users may take advantage of caller-ID blocking to make anonymous calls.

Ethernet plug and play refers to any device that works as soon as it is plugged into a wired Ethernet connection. Plug and play is one of the main reasons why Omni pricing is so low. By using Ethernet to make business calls, companies can get rid of their landline (and expensive phone bills), making more room in their budgets.

VoIP providers are regulated by the FCC to provide 911 services to their customers.

Here is an overview of how e911 services work with Omni:

  • After a customer signs up for Omni, their 911 service address is set when the account is created.
  • This address is filed as a service address for 911 dispatchers. When you dial 911 with Omni, first responders are automatically routed to this location.
  • If your service address is provided properly, your 911 call will be routed to the local authorities. If the address is not provided properly, your call will be routed to a national call center to confirm your location and summon the appropriate local authority.

It is crucial for customers and users to keep their Omni service address up to date when they relocate or move their Omni device.

Porting allows you to transfer your existing business phone number to Sprint. Porting your company’s number is free of charge to new Omni customers.

With Omni Call Log you have the option to see all the calls you have made. As administrator, you also have the option of viewing a record of all calls across the company.

Transferring calls is a must for business, regardless of company size or industry. To make things flexible and easy for customers, there are several call transfer options:

  • Blind transfer (one-step) – a blind transfer sends the caller to a new extension without any interaction between the person transferring the call and the individual extension receiving the transfer
  • Attended transfer (two-step) – an attended transfer allows you to explain or announce the call or ensure the individual who is receiving the call is available before transferring
  • Direct transfer to an extension’s voicemail – a direct transfer to an extension’s voicemail sends the caller to a destination mailbox without any interaction with the person who owns the voicemail box

The Call Park feature is like a call transfer, yet with even greater flexibility and availability for teams. While the customer has the experience of being placed on hold, the Call Park features allows anyone with access to the “parking spot” to pick up the call and address the customer’s needs. 5 parking spots are supported in the Standard plan and 10 parking spots are supported in the Pro plan.

Each person or department (such as customer support or accounts receivable) will have its own Omni user account. Each user has a phone number, extension number, voicemail account, Virtual Fax, and a login for the end-user portal.

With the intercom calling feature, users can dial an Omni extension and have the device receiving the call pick up the call with its speakerphone automatically.

Every user extension comes with a private voicemail, and voicemail is automatically set up every time a user’s extension is created by an administrator.

All voicemail settings are managed via Omni Manager. Although administrators are responsible for enabling and disabling user accounts, they cannot listen to a user’s voicemail messages. Users have direct control over their settings and the way they use their voicemail accounts.

Omni already sends voicemail messages to users via email with attached audio files. In the Pro plan, these emails also provide a text transcription for a quick view of what the voicemail is about. This is especially helpful for mobile users in situations where listening to an audio replay isn’t practical.

Omni is compatible with most analog fax machine models. When you add a traditional fax machine to your account, it comes with its own direct dial phone number and extension number.

There are also Virtual Fax capabilities that you can manage with the end user portal if you don’t want to use an analog fax machine. With either option, you will still receive and send high-quality faxes for your business.

The Pro plan integrates with leading overhead paging systems, so that any IP phone can be used to make an announcement heard through the public address system in a large area such as a warehouse, service department or medical office.

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