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OfficeFuel is a better way to work. It’s a new model, powering a range of cloud-based collaboration and mobility solutions.

Per seat. Per month. All you need.

This is how IT should work:

  • Get what you need – don’t over-provision
  • Pay as you go – per seat, per month. Simple.
  • Cloud-delivered – No CapEx
  • Total transparency – you actually know what you’re going to spend
  • Modularity – you add and subtract modules as needed
OfficeFuel solutions are designed from the ground up to help you gain:

Agility to respond to change; seize new opportunities

Efficiency to do things faster, more profitably

Control instead of being locked in to something you don’t need

Predictability so you know what you’re going to spend before you spend it

Freedom from all that maintenance work. So your IT people can get on to better things

This is the way IT should be delivered. As a service. Over a high-capacity network. Supported by Sprint.

So you see what you spend. Take what you need. Give your people the stuff they love. And leave the management, maintenance, updates, patches, refreshes and monitoring to us.

Mobility-as-a-Service. Workplace-as-a-Service. And everything in between.