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We’re ready for tomorrow today.

In the next three to five years, networks will become global, edge optimized, and highly flexible, combining wireless and wireline networks and allowing network access from anywhere using the most optimized technology.

Sprint’s network is already converged, managed and secure, with expanded coverage and greater speed and reliability. And we’re well positioned to advance 5G and the network of the future.


We’re building the network for what’s next.

Expanded coverage

We’re deploying thousands of new cell sites to expand coverage and keep pace with suburban and rural growth.

Speed and reliability

We’re upgrading cell sites to triband service using 800 MHz, 1.9 GHz and 2.5 GHz for faster, more reliable service.

We’re deploying more 2.5 GHz small cells to increase capacity and speed.

Advancing 5G

We’re deploying 2.5 GHz 64×64 Massive MIMO to increase capacity up to 10 times and serve as a key enabler for 5G.

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The ideal spectrum for 5G

There’s a spectrum “sweet spot” for delivering 5G, and Sprint has vast spectrum holdings at this frequency.

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Curiosity™ IoT

Curiosity™ IoT. For sensing, learning and acting. For businesses, people and society.

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High-performance global IP

Our award-winning global IP network serves as the converged backbone of all we do — wireless, wireline and IoT.

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The industry's best global roaming

Global roaming is an intrinsic part of the Sprint experience — all you do is turn on your phone and go.

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For everything that’s coming, Sprint Business is ready.

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