FAQs about the new T-Mobile

Find answers here.

  1. What is the news?

    • Our merger is complete! Sprint has joined the T-Mobile family.

  2. Why did T-Mobile and Sprint merge?

    • We’re building a transformative nationwide 5G network that will drive innovation and connect every American. With T-Mobile’s low-band, Sprint’s mid-band, and other spectrum, we’ll build the highest-capacity nationwide network in U.S. history.

  3. What can customers look forward to?

    • T-Mobile customers should expect everything the Un-carrier has ALWAYS stood for: treating customers right, the best value in wireless, and a better network for business.
    • With 14 times more total capacity in the next six years than T-Mobile would have had alone, customers won’t have to choose between great service or low prices — they’ll get both. The new T-Mobile is committed to offering free 5G access and the best rate plans at low prices, now and in the future, so all customers can reap the benefits of a supercharged Un-Carrier network at a great value. And the new T-Mobile offers everyone access to 5G, at no extra charge, even for prepaid and Lifeline customers.
    • T-Mobile already has the largest nationwide 5G network, and we plan to offer 5G to 99% of the U.S. population in the next six years.
    • T-Mobile’s award-winning Team of Experts (TEX) model will continue to expand into every current and planned customer experience center

  4. What will happen with Sprint and T-Mobile networks? How will the coverage change?

    • Massive Capacity! 14 times more capacity in the next six years than T-Mobile alone – which means it will be even better for streaming, gaming, downloading and more.
    • Crazy-fast speed! Customers will have access to average 5G speeds up to eight times faster than current LTE in just a few years and 15 times faster over the next six years.
    • Reaching nearly everyone! Within six years, the new T-Mobile will provide 5G to 99% of the U.S. population, including rural America.
    • Our goal is to create the best network for ALL.

  5. What’s exciting about 5G?

    • 5G represents more than the next step in wireless. 5G represents a quantum leap forward.

  6. Do Sprint customers need to do anything now that the merger is official?

    • For now, all customers will stay with the same Sprint and T-Mobile network and service they’ve been using. Plus, Sprint customers now receive extended roaming capabilities on T-Mobile.
    • Behind the scenes, the team’s working hard to bring it all together to create an amazing experience for customers of the new T-Mobile.
    • For wireline, customers will continue to use the wireline network in the same way they’ve been using it

  7. Will I get access to the other carrier’s network now that you’re combined?

    • Both Sprint and T-Mobile customers will continue to get great coverage, and over time the two networks will combine to create one supercharged network. With the new T-Mobile, expect average speeds 8X faster than current LTE in just a few years and 14X more total capacity in the next six years than T-Mobile would have standing alone.
    • Meanwhile, we’re working on ways to make it easy to migrate Sprint customers who wish to do so. Stay tuned!

  8. Does the T-Mobile brand replace the Sprint brand?

    • Yes, T-Mobile is the brand of the new company. It is the supercharged Un-Carrier formed by the combined resources of Sprint and T-Mobile. The Sprint brand will continue to be used in the short term for some services, for example Wireline.

  9. Now that the merger transaction is closed, can I pay my bill, add a line or upgrade a device in either a T-Mobile or Sprint store?

    • For the near term, T-Mobile small business customers can continue to be serviced in T-Mobile stores. Additionally, all customers can be serviced by their Team of Experts or account representative, or online at T-Mobile/business.com. Sprint business customers will continue to transact in Sprint Retail stores, online at Sprint.com, thru Sprint customer care or their account representative.

  10. Will I still receive my bill from Sprint?

    • Until we integrate our billing systems, each customer will continue to receive either a Sprint or T-Mobile invoice. If you already have service with both Sprint and T-Mobile, you will continue to receive two separate invoices until the billing systems are combined.

  11. Will I be forced to migrate my Sprint account to T-Mobile by a certain date?

    • We want to provide our customers with a seamless experience when they move to T-Mobile, but there is no immediate need for anyone to migrate.
    • Today, every device works the same as it has on the network it’s currently using. For now, customers will use two distinct networks, Sprint and T-Mobile.
    • Longer term, each customer will work with their account team to determine when and how to transition.

  12. Will Sprint customers be forced to buy a new phone by a certain date?

    • Today every device works the same as it has on the network it’s currently using. For now, customers will use two distinct networks, Sprint and T-Mobile.
    • Many newer Sprint devices will be compatible with elements of the T-Mobile network.

  13. I just upgraded my Sprint devices. Will they be compatible with T-Mobile?

    • Many newer Sprint devices will be compatible with elements of the T-Mobile network

  14. We are about to purchase more services, products, solutions from Sprint. What should we do now?

    • Nothing changes for any active projects you are considering. Keep moving forward. When the time comes to transition Sprint customers to the T-Mobile network, we’ve already planned a ‘white glove’ experience for business and government customers.

  15. Will new T-Mobile offer the same products and services that I have now?

    • You can continue to add lines to your account and add to your existing products and services. Over time, we will combine the best products and services from both companies and introduce exciting new services as well. More to come as this develops.

  16. Can I switch to legacy T-Mobile or legacy Sprint rate plans without penalty?

    • As we bring our companies together, you will be able to transition to the T-Mobile network without penalty. In the meantime, the same guidelines for making these types of changes will continue to exist as they do today. You will soon be able to pick from plans that will deliver T-Mobile value to you.

  17. What happens to Sprint’s wireline portfolio now that the merger transaction is closed?

    • Sprint customers will see no changes to their Wireline support teams or account management
    • Sprint customers can continue to purchase Wireline services, same as always

  18. Is assigned customer care support changing?

    • Customers will continue to receive the same great support they have from Sprint.

  19. What will happen with Sprint and T-Mobile retail locations?

    • We are preparing our stores and store employees to serve legacy Sprint and T-Mobile customers as well as the new T-Mobile customers. When we light up magenta across our new T-Mobile fleet, customers can walk into any store and the employees will be able to say, “yes, we can help you!”

  20. Is my rate plan changing?

    • Nope, we’re not making any changes to your rate plan.
    • Over time, you will see additional benefits as we supercharge our network.
    • You’ll still get the benefits and award-winning customer service our customers have come to love.