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Sprint Magic Box

Magic Box is the world’s first all-wireless small cell that improves your business experience. Easily boost your business signal and speed.

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World-first technology available only from Sprint, with no hassles or costs.


  • Amplifies the LTE data signal and accelerates the LTE speeds from the nearest Sprint tower
  • Provides your business faster, stronger and more reliable service than before
  • No service costs to use.  Device provided free to qualifying businesses.
  • No required tools
  • No infrastructure impacts
  • A seamless customer experience


  • 3GPP R10 LTE Advanced Technology
  • No IT infrastructure required
  • Easy activation and setup
  • Supports up to 64 simultaneous users
  • Seamless mobility

Hassle-free installation

  • Our simple touchscreen setup helps you get your Sprint Magic Box up and running in about 20 minutes or less
  • Use the touchscreen’s simple five-step instructions to find the best spot for the Sprint Magic Box at your business

Sprint Magic Box works with most Sprint devices.

  • Smartphones
    • iPhone 6 and newer
    • Galaxy S4 and newer
    • HTC One A9 and newer
    • LG G2 and newer
  • Tablets
    • Galaxy Tab S2 and newer
    • iPad Mini
    • iPad Air 2
    • iPad Pro
  • Newer mobile hotspots

Sprint Magic Box specs

Dimensions: 9.65″ x 13.19″ x 3.78″

Display: 5.17″

Weight: 7.7 lbs.

Q:  How will Sprint® Magic Box work for my business?

A:   Sprint® Magic Box extends Sprint LTE coverage range inside your business to provide a better data experience for most Sprint LTE devices released in the last 2 to 3 years.

Q:  Will Sprint® Magic Box help my voice service?

A:  Sprint® Magic Box unleashes Sprint’s spectrum advantage to deliver an excellent network LTE data experience.

Q:  Where do I install Sprint® Magic Box?

A:  Install Sprint® Magic Box in one of the windows of your business. Do not install Sprint® Magic Box in a basement or underground. Sprint® Magic Box must be installed in a fixed location, and does not work within a vehicle or mobile situation. When you receive the device, use the Quick Start Guide to follow step-by-step instructions to find the best window in your building. Sprint® Magic Box measures, records and ranks your window options. Then, it clearly indicates which window gives you the best possible results. Some windows will be better than others based on structures outside and inside the building.

Q:  How is Sprint® Magic Box different from the WiFi range extender I already have?

A:   Sprint® Magic Box uses Sprint licensed frequencies and should cover a much larger area than unlicensed WiFi. Sprint® Magic Box works with most Sprint LTE capable devices and takes the LTE signal that may not effectively pass through your building’s exterior walls, and boosts it through the interior of your building. It doesn’t communicate, connect or interfere with your existing WiFi.

Q:  Can I use Airave 3 and Sprint® Magic Box in the same location?

A:  No, both devices are intended to enhance Sprint LTE data signal so there is no need to have both in a single location. Sprint® Magic Box extends LTE signals almost three times more and does not require a broadband connection. However, for smaller locations with broadband connectivity, an Airave 3 may be a better fit.

Q:  Does Sprint® Magic Box cost anything for my business?

A:  No, Sprint® Magic Box costs nothing and there is no additional cost to use Sprint® Magic Box. Data charges may apply according to a customer’s Sprint data plan.

Q:  How do I know Sprint® Magic Box is working?

A:   Sprint® Magic Box has a status screen that indicates the current state of the device. If the device is not working, then an error will be shown on the status screen. To resolve any issues, please reference the Quick Start Guide accompanied with your device.

Q:  How well does Sprint® Magic Box work?

A:  The extended range of Sprint LTE data coverage varies based on the structure inside the building. Coverage can extend up to 30,000 square feet, and throughput performance can increase by 200% or more based on optimal conditions for most Sprint devices.

Q:  Will Sprint® Magic Box make my visitors’ data more vulnerable?

A:  No. Your visitors who are Sprint customers will still be using the Sprint LTE network, so their data should not be more vulnerable.

Q:  Can anyone receive a Sprint® Magic Box?

A:  No, not all Sprint customers are eligible to receive a Sprint® Magic Box. Sprint® Magic Boxes are not needed in some service areas. Sprint® Magic Box distribution is based on spectrum availability within a geographic area, zip code municipality approval, RF suitability, mobile device type, business and customer prioritization and accounts in good standing.

Magic Box video

See how the award winning Magic Box can work for your business.

Find out if your business qualifies for Sprint Magic Box

Does my business qualify?